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Episode 9 | It’s Aquarius Season, Charlie Brown!

This week in the Big Sky, the Sun dons Charlie Brown’s shirt for a tour of Aquarius, where he’s joined by the New Moon in this future-oriented sign. And while Aquarius may be hip, this week is all about the squares: the Sun and Moon at odds with unpredictable Uranus, and a gentle Piscean Venus crossing paths with zealous Mars in Sagittarius. Plus: Tinkertoys, why Aquarius is not a water sign, and the inevitable home repair metaphor.

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00:45 – With only momentary lapses into French, April and Jen effusively thank the listeners who’ve sent kind feedback about the podcast – and thrill to the news that they are one listener’s Bob Ross. Sacré bleu!

03:16 – Do check out – the new BSA podcast site where you can easily comment on the episodes and access past episodes, show notes, and transcripts!

04:01 – More podkeeping: A plug for April’s weekly column and the Big Sky mailing list. If you’ve not yet signed up, check it out – and you’ll get a free “Working with the Moon” workbook each month!

05:44 – The Sun enters Aquarius, which reminds Jen of Charlie Brown’s shirt. (And now, you can’t unsee it.)

06:10 – Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer, yet it’s an air sign. April describes air signs generally and Aquarius specifically. And this is how Jen imagines Aquarius.

08:05 – The Sun is in its detriment in Aquarius – because it places the planet of the self in the sign of the many. Employing wide-ranging examples that include Aquarian presidents and Tinkertoys, April explores the rich fabric of this contradictory sign – and impresses Jen with her prior knowledge of Ellen DeGeneres’ Aquarian provenance.

12:25 – As promised: A video of Ellen’s DJ, tWitch, dancing! 😊 (Not an Aquarius, but a kindred Libra spirit.)

15:45 – What is “Sun Sign Astrology,” anyway? Jen breaks it down, and April explains how each sign has a particular relationship to your Sun sign.

18:25 – ***Moonwatch!*** This month, the New Moon degree is on the Sabian symbol “A council of ancestors.” (Check out Episode 7 for an explanation of the Sabian symbols.) The Sun squares Uranus in Taurus (January 22), carrying its unpredictability into the January 24 New Moon.

23:33 – Where Uranus is concerned, astrology advises, “Expect the unexpected.” Have you done the foundational work required by the recent eclipses (Episode 5) and Saturn/Pluto conjunction (Episode 6 and Episode 7)? And speaking of the unexpected: will Netflix officially become a sponsor of our show?

26:26 – When Venus Met Mars… We wind down with a discussion of Venus in Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius (January 26). If this week were a romantic comedy, this aspect would mark the moment when the two leads meet and take an instant dislike to one another – a sure sign they’ll wind up together by the end of the movie. This week, relationships of all stripe must grapple with this energetic signature… but both planets’ Sabian symbols feature Easter imagery of renewal and rebirth as well. More about that in next week’s episode!

Length: 32:25

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