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Episode 10 | Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day

Episode 010 | Neptune & The Zen of Groundhog Day

January 27, 2020

It’s a quieter week in the Big Sky, with only a First Quarter Moon in Taurus and Venus/Mars vs. Neptune on the cosmic agenda. So, finding themselves with a little time on their hands, your intrepid co-hosts roll up their jeans and wade into a Neptunian miasma of topics, including how January’s Big Astrological News hit Buckingham Palace and why astrology is like theater. Plus: Grab some popcorn and join April and Jen at the (decades-old) movies!

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Technical note: Apologies for some audio issues this week which left April sounding like Prince Albert in a can. We’ve isolated the problem and will return to form next episode!

00:53 – April (a Leo) admits to a fascination with royalty, as she and Jen link the astrology of the times with Meghan and Harry’s decision to step back from being senior royals.

07:27 – ***Moonwatch!** A First Quarter Moon (see Episode 2) on February 1st at 13 degrees Taurus is on the Sabian symbol “A man handling baggage.” Is this baggage physical or emotional? Is Jupiter carrying your bags? Why are airlines so hard on your baggage? And why are there a couple of different versions of the Sabian symbols out in the world? Plus: still no theme song, but much lively humming.

11:47 – Venus sinks into a soothing Neptunian bubble bath with a conjunction on January 27th. Is what you *think* you want what you *really* want? And the next day…

15:23 – … It’s Mars vs. Neptune! Having touched on planes during the Moonwatch segment, we move on now to trains – along with a raftload of other metaphors. Plus: Are you more like Joan of Arc or Don Quixote?

17:36 – The birth chart as a theater set… oops! Jen had no idea April used this analogy in her book The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology  (*takes sheepish glance at keyboard and hugs April’s book, which recently arrived, closer*). [“Probably not original to me, Jen. Hold your head high!” ~ April] One of your co-hosts loves theatre of all stripes, the other prefers her theatre in iambic pentameter. If you’re a regular listener with keen insight, you might just be able to figure this one out!

21:04 – “Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties cause it’s cold out there!” Groundhog Day, oh Groundhog Day, how April and Jen do love you!!

22:52 – The plot of this episode’s eponymous film is belatedly laid out. Should April and Jen have led with that? Yeah, probably. They blame Neptune. (Note that April uses this film as an example of the 6th and 12th houses in her Followed by a Moonshadow eclipse report!)

25:36 – The history and symbolism of Groundhog Day. The holiday, not the movie. Think: fertility and purification. Did you know that February comes from the Latin term februum?

26:40 – Jen’s mini-monologue on movies about rebirth and redemption. She pivots briefly from Groundhog Day, makes a pitstop at It’s a Wonderful Life, and drives past The Wizard of Oz while she’s in the neighborhood.

27:20 – April makes the case for February’s vaguely Neptunian/12th house bona fides; Jen scratches her head and has many follow-up questions… it all sounds so Plutonian to her. Things gets deep.

30:11 – Why do we use the birth chart for astrology instead of a conception chart? April untangles that particular knot, first referenced all the way back in Episode 1.

31:33 – Realizing that it’s been ages – maybe four minutes! – since they’ve referenced anything from the 70s, 80s, or 90s, your co-hosts would like to thank you for joining them “At the Movies with April and Jen” (with apologies to Siskel and Ebert)!

32:25 – Hey you! Yeah, you! The one who must’ve not only listened to the podcast, but made it to the end of these show notes! 😊 Have you subscribed to the BSA podcast in your podcatcher? Have you taken one second to give us a 5-star review? You’ll do that, right? To help spread the word? Thank you, thank you!!

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  • Sherry25

    Thank you for another fabulous podcast. I always enjoy listening to the both of you. What charisma you both have! Always upbeat with lots of great astrology wisdom for us. The Sabian Symbols added is another plus. Just love when you talk about them and expand our minds to their wisdom for us. Until next time, have a Blessed one.

  • Great episode, thanks for sharing 🙂

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