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We interrupt this program…

thorIt was a day like any other. I was plugging away at some website work, went away to fix a cup of tea, and returned to my office to find my computer feverishly rebooting, spewing ominous messages on a blue screen, and generally losing its sh@t. Seems kinda virusy, actually, somewhat Pluto direct-ish (this evening at 8:12 pm), since this appears to be a spyware-related malfunction. Sigh. So much for that afternoon. I’ve got a disinfectant running right now and have been exiled to the laptop, giving me the perfect excuse to goof off, which – let’s face it – is sort of what I really wanted to do today anyhow.

We’ve got an automotive drama playing out too. (This is all sounding vaguely Mercurial, isn’t it? And sure enough – according to my friend Jim, we’re in the shadow period for the upcoming Mercury Rx. It stations on Sep. 24). Our sagging 1994 Ford Ranger pickup failed its smog check, as we were fairly confident it would; so the mechanic (not our usual fabulous guy, who wisely refuses to work on emissions systems) ran a diagnostics test and delivered a grim prognosis involving $1600 worth of repairs. For a truck that’s worth – optimistically – about $1600, this didn’t sound like an appealing offer.  We have grave misgivings about a couple of his recommendations, actually, so we (meaning, of course, Jonny) will sort it out ourselves and hopefully come through this situation without having to take out a mortgage. Mind you, this vehicle has been a money pit since the day we bought it, so none of this comes as much of a surprise. Does that make us feel any better? Why no, actually, it does not.

Is it just me, or are your machines rebelling too?

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  • I have been trying to get up the courage to file for custody of my daughter, and I think I am finally ready. I think the Moon in Capricorn finally gave me the incentive and ability to plan for it, but with Mercury in Retrograde, who knows how communication will be effected.
    My Ex’s phone has been shut off, so absolutely no word at all currently. Mercury did you have something to do with that?

  • Its just you, April.

    Actually, I’ve totally given up on PC based systems. I bought a PC laptop just so I could bring the day job home and it was a total disaster. The internet is just too rough a place for PC based systems with every virus and worm looking for a home on your computer. A Mac girl until the end, me and my iBook G4 keeps plugging away without the need for regular diagnostics or system crashes. Should you be in the market (again) I say go Mac.

    In CT where I live, if your repairs go over a reasonable amount, the state says “What the hay,” and gives you a pass, figuring your car is too old to make it too much longer anyway.

    Anyway, so far my life has been machine friendly, but I’m an Aquarian and have a deep personal relationship with electronics. Then again, with the retro period gearing up again, it is a good time to get the car into the shop for those minor repairs before it actually hits.

  • Hi April
    I have noticed some modest machine rebellion, but not in full tilt mode yet. My car started and then stopped making a weird new noise; my computer the same. I have noticed people at work becoming significantly more stubborn, slow and inane at solving what should be relatively quick problems. I guess will have to start getting mentally adjusted to the Rx.

  • Yeah, Beth, I figured it was just me. Sigh!

    I’m with you on Mac. Unfortunately I’ve got a ton of specialty PC software, which kept me from moving to Mac for many years. Now that Macs can run in PC mode, I might consider a switch next time I need to move on to a new computer. But really, it’s been years since I had a virus on my PC. (This time around I was cruising stupid free font websites and must have just hit the wrong link by mistake and downloaded something I shouldn’t have.) Mostly it’s not a worry. I just like to whine!

    Natori, I think I’m one of those stubborn, slow, inane people you’re talking about. Just can’t get my fanny in gear at all! I chalked it up to existential ennui, but blaming it on Mercury sounds like more fun.

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