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Voting the Ritual Ticket

Hi! Remember me? Sorry, it’s been nuts around here. Not a lot to offer you of any substance right now (much stealth writing going on elsewhere, I swear), either – just a little “Get out the Vote” goodness.

I’m afraid I’ve largely lost my faith in the democratic process; the past three elections have more or less convinced me that voting is, practically speaking, an empty exercise. But what if it’s a valuable ritual exercise – a demonstration of intention to the gods of justice and salvation? (There’s that transiting Mercury/Neptune square talkin’!) After all, if I can light a candle at the New and Full Moons, I can certainly fill in some circles on a piece of paper and walk it three blocks to my polling place, right?

So I took 45 minutes this morning to fill out my little absentee ballot (how the hell do you choose judges? Those are crucial seats, and most of the time I’m guessing based on the little I can glean from Google – suggestions in comments?), dropped it off.. and came home and lit a candle. Now I’ve got all the bases covered.