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Uranus in Aries: Shock to the System

overloadedFirst, Egypt. Then, Christchurch, and Libya. Now, Japan. The shocks are coming fast and furious, and now that Uranus, the Great Awakener, has entered Aries (March 11, 2011 – May 2018), we can reasonably expect to see more of the same – especially as Uranus begins its series of square aspects to Pluto.

How are you holding up?

My own little corner of the world has been extraordinarily busy, though not nearly as dramatically and unpleasantly so as in other parts of the world. I spent the first part of last week in a whirlwind of preparation for an event we hosted at our house, and by Thursday I was out of gas, laid out on the couch feeling really ill. Friday and Saturday were a near-total wash. Today, I’m back to work but really struggling to move forward.

Part of the problem is that I seem to have lost the knack for sleeping. My mind is filled with too many video images of boats on top of buildings, with too many breathless newscasters debating whether or not Japan’s nuclear plants are on the brink of a complete meltdown, too many internet headlines screaming about Gaddafi and Wisconsin. Usually I have no problem falling asleep, just trouble staying that way. But last night, my body felt as though it were plugged into a wall socket, like it wanted to get up and run around the block but at the same time, was absurdly exhausted.

Falling asleep was out of the question.

Uranus, newly in Aries, is making a lot of aspects to my birth chart, and it’s sitting together with my progressed Moon, opposed my progressed Sun. I’ve got too many psychic appliances plugged in to my nervous system, too many irons in the fire, too many claims on my time, attention, and heart; my circuits are overloading and my battery has melted down. Far away from the epic events that are shaking up our world, I nevertheless feel drained by them, worried and heartsick and tired.

Who would have guessed that I – so insular, the stereotypical American isolationist  – was connected by some mysterious, invisible apparatus to …. Libya? That somewhere inside of me, emotional tentacles are apparently attached to Japan, a country I’ve never had the least interest in even visiting? That I cared so passionately about labor unions?

All along, I figured Uranus moving into Aries would shock us, shake us, and waken us. I just didn’t know that the Great Awakener would literally deprive me of the rest I need to sort it all out.

How about you: Is Uranus in Aries keeping you up nights?

24 comments to " Uranus in Aries: Shock to the System "

  • leslie

    I quit watching the news for my own peace of mind last year.

    I’m not sure about Uranus in Aries but I know the full moon this weekend will make it hard
    to rest.

    • That’s wise, Leslie. I listen to the radio a bit but only tune in to TV news when something spectacularly awful happens, like this Japan stuff. I can never watch for long; not only is it overwhelming, but TV anchors are absolutely appalling to watch, banal and melodramatic all at once.

  • Uranus entered Aries late last May, too, with a tighter square to Pluto. What’s different now that would cause these upheavals and disasters? Is it the simultaneous Jupiter/Pluto square? Or the urgency of Neptune at 29Aquarius?

    • That’s a good question, Maria. Maybe it is Neptune; maybe it’s Jupiter being in Aries as well, exaggerating everything; maybe it’s just that Uranus is well and truly done with Pisces now and committed to the whole Aries experience. I’m calling it “Uranus in Aries Part II: First Blood.” The tagline: He’s back, and this time he’s not messing around!

  • April, I too am identifying with worlds afar, and I’m wondering if this is perhaps connected with Chiron newly in Pisces (currently trine my Sun, your Venus)? My sensitivity has skyrocketed in the past few mos., not just to world events, but to people I do/do not know. This is intuitive (natal Chiron Moon conjunction) and unfortunately I don’t have a lot of information on Chiron.

    I attributed a large sense of loss and feeling soul-drained to Uranus leaving Pisces.

  • I’m so glad everyone else feels the same! We’ve had floods in Brisbane, cyclones in Cairns, earthquakes in Christchurch, now the tsunami in Japan. Enough already. I am almost looking forward to some enforced downtime with the upcoming Mercury retrograde.

  • I have been feeling more political, and less inclined to believe that we can change the world for the better through “New Agey” means. It didn’t occur to me to connect this to the change in Uranus’ sign but it is possible. I have also been feeling exhausted lately, in spite of good sleep. But that could just be the end of winter blues, not to mention Mars in Pisces.

  • wow your progressed Full Moon! how neat that it’s at the Aries point (4th/10th axis) conjunct transiting Uranus. I would think that would suggest high visibility/publicity for your career.

    I have my progressed Full Moon coming up in August as well so something to pay attention too!

  • Anonymous

    I have always been insomniac. (Mercury in Aquarius). But now things are getting worse and worse. Transiting Uranus is conjunct my Chiron, NN, opposite my Moon, Jupiter, Uranus stellium. I can’t sleep for more than 3 hours and then, I wake up unexpectedly and stay awake for hours. I can hardly rest any more…

  • Ana Oliveira

    The picture you chose for your article (electric circuit) made me smile. Now. 2 weeks before when Uranus was in last degree of Pisces I had a fire at home. Thanks God is was a little thing in the electric circuit of the house, but I was so scared for what could happened there if…

  • Monique

    Is Uranus in Aries keeping me up? Well, let’s see….it’s 4am and I have not been to sleep yet, so I think that is a yes. Same thing yesterday. I too am feeling too connected and overwhelmed with regard to what is going on in the world, yet cannot sleep.

  • Cassandra

    Yes, I’ve been up too. I accidentally had an alarm set for 12 am this morning. It woke me up and it took me over 2 hours to get back to sleep. Another morning I jolted awake worrying about my worms(I sell composting worms).
    And I echo the advice of don’t watch the news.

  • Pamela Archambault

    ‘Uranus in Aries Part II: First Blood’..I love that analogy!..As for the rest, it seems as if everything else takes a back seat when I think of all the people in Japan and their experience at the moment.

  • Willa

    Speaking to your Uranus/progressed Moon conjuntion . . . when Uranus stationed opposite my Moon last year, the analogy I used was: laying peacefully in my bathtub, candles lit, and somebody throws in a still-plugged-in toaster. Talk about wired!

    • Willa, I used almost that exact analogy with a friend a couple of weeks ago, talking about how it felt when Uranus transited my IC a few years ago!

  • Lisa

    This is a great interpretation.:) Yes, I see that…with Pluto already in Capricorn, and some of the walls (more corporate banking walls) have already tumbled down, and then the introduction of Uranus in Aries squaring that, youth movements in Libya and Egypt and Wisconsin, Republicans (Pl. in Cap.) attacking teachers (who teach youth), extra volcanic (fire element) and earthquake activity (tectonic plates shifting feels like square energy). (I always think of Aries and the youngest member of the zodiac, the most exuberant and childlike.)

  • et

    The upcoming Sun conh Uranus and then Mars conjunct around April 4, the feelings of ‘anticipation of what is coming next are quie understandable’.

  • Peggy Shanahan

    What if you had my chart. Sun at 0.46 Aries and Uranus ar 29.56 Pisces. I was
    born 3-22-27 at 3:31 AM,I may just have to ascend. It is wild and wooly


  • Wow! I felt like i was Reading about myself there! Amazing! Feeling exactly the same over here in Denmark! Weeee! Gonna be an intersting weekend with the full Moon on top of All this! Hugs to All of you out there with the same cosmic connections!

  • April,

    I’m married to a Virgo who has expressed almost exactly the thoughts in your March 14th blog. Especially the lack of sleep. I often have to rub her feet in the middle of the night to get her to relax.

    What occurs to me is that the “mutable” cross of signs is all about information and how it becomes wisdom. It begins with Gemini, the data, the fact, the sacred naming of things. And when Virgo is involved, the air hits the ground in a downdraft, and there’s a need, as you say, to do something practical, even while your feeling powerless. I think it’s that fear that gets you moving.

    Sagittarius (my sun sign) tries very hard to assimilate this information, and the need to do something about it, into a meaningful way of looking at the world. And when Pisces is involved there is a great sadness and a great compassion that often seems overwhelming. In the final analysis, if you have done something, even the simple act of putting people in your prayers or other rituals, then you can begin to let it go, as Pisces insists, knowing that it has made you larger on a spiritual level.

    I believe that the coming entry of Neptune into Pisces is a critical one for our world. We must learn compassion, or we will not survive.


    • Eloquently put, Bill, and very true about Neptune moving into Pisces. If I emphasized the Virgo part of the axis in this essay, it’s simply because I think the Full Moon is meant to present a balancing perspective to the work begun at the New Moon. Since I’ve received at least one rather defensive email about this essay from someone defending participation in a prayer circle and protesting that plenty of people are doing what they can, I obviously didn’t do a very good job of making my point! Simply put, I don’t think Virgo lacks compassion, just that its response to those feelings is to look for a way to offer practical solutions.

      I’m reminded of the age-old misunderstanding that sociologists describe as being at the root of most communication problems between men and women. The classic example is a wife who wants to talk to her husband about a problem she’s having, hoping just to explore her thoughts and feelings and perhaps get some sympathy for her situation. But instead of just letting her vent her feelings, her husband immediately jumps in with advice about what she should do! Perhaps women are from Pisces, men are from Virgo? 🙂

  • karen

    I am glad I have come across your articles, Uranus is within 2 degrees of my natal moon, and for some months now, I have just felt tension and waves of “electicity” like feelings going through my body. Relaxation and letting go has been an absolute must for me! Anxiety and emotional distress are not soothed by medical means, (ergo Doctors prescriptions), and i have found that meditation, breathing exercises, and prayer.. along with NOT getting involved in things that AREN’T mine to get involved with… i could go on and on.. but to say it mildly… I am feeling the ‘shocks’ ……

    • Karen – I’m glad you found meditation, breathing and such. Someone I knew used to recommend spending a lot of time outside with your bare feet on the ground during Uranus transits, to literally “ground” all that nervous energy. Time to plant a garden, maybe?

  • helen

    Uranus in Aries ~ my first thought is Yipee!!! my second one is hmmm maybe time to party – as in really enjoy myself and indulge in all the crazy things i am interested in and have put off for so long. With 3 planets in Aries (Sun, Merc, Jup) – it’s like the sparkle is coming back in my life, only now it gets to be MY life (instead of being there for everybody else).. i’m likin’ it!

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