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Today’s Aspect-palooza: Four Seasons in One Day

Astrologically, things have been relatively quiet since the New Moon. That ends today, with a veritable bonanza of astro-activity. To wit:

  • While you slept, the Sun squared Neptune.
  • Jupiter and Venus both turn direct. Jupiter has been retrograde since July 23, and Venus since October 8.
  • Sun trines Uranus (9:58 pm PST).

I wrote a bit about those solar aspects in my last post. Mostly, I’m still feeling the Sun/Neptune square; all I want to do is sleep. But Venus and Jupiter turning direct are worthy of a mention of their own.

Are you more imbued than you were yesterday with Jupiter’s joyful, optimistic je ne sais quoi? I can’t say that I am; on the other hand, I’m only barely awake. But here’s something very interesting that astrologer Lynn Koiner had to say about Jupiter Retrograde:

In my chart interpretation, I use a key phrase for Jupiter Retrograde— that it is the area (the House) wherein you are able to restore to life things or relationships that are considered dead or dying.

Which house of your chart has Jupiter retrograde in Pisces been moving through? Can you relate to what Lynn had to say? It’s been in my fourth house, so by rights I suppose I should have been able to restore life to our crumbling 1927 Craftsman bungalow – but if anything, the entropy has accelerated. Maybe that’s Jupiter’s conjunction to Uranus at work?

As for Venus turning direct (today at 1:19 p.m.) – I think I speak for all of us when I say, “finally.”  I’ve felt this Venus retrograde right smack in the pocketbook. I’ve been waiting seemingly forever for a sizable check, which I’ve been informed should arrive next week (when Venus begins to pick up a little more speed). I lost another check and nearly drove myself crazy looking for it, until I finally gave up and called to request a replacement. It’s not that I’ve been broke, just frustrated. I hate being owed money and will ordinarily do anything I can to avoid it, because it pushes all my (Saturn in the second house) buttons.

In any event, enough already with the greater benefic (Jupiter)  and the lesser benefic (Venus)  being retrograde! Forward ho with the merry making and the making of money. Now Prince William and his girl can get cracking on those wedding plans. I can’t say I felt happy about their announcing the engagement while Venus was still retrograde, though; it seems to auger ill. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

5 comments to " Today’s Aspect-palooza: Four Seasons in One Day "

  • Jup going direct in my 8th! Well, *some* things will have to wait until I’m over this cold I just came down with. Chiron and Neptune taking a final sideways whack at my Mars at 27 Taurus. (sigh) Venus will return over my IC, on her way high-fiving my pVenus exactly conjunct my IC right now. If only I could afford time off from work to stay home and cocoon (not to mention feather the nest some…)

    • Hope you feel better real soon, leslee. I’m watching this Full Moon on Sunday, at 29 Taurus, warily; that’s a degree (conjunct the Pleiades, the “weeping sisters”), that has traditionally triggered respiratory stuff for me. This has been such an awful autumn here in Southern California, pollen-wise, after a long, weird, cool, rainy-alternating-with-hot-dry-winds summer and early fall; every other person I know is struggling with a cold, the flu, or asthma. Take care!

  • Make that Venus will return over my IC December 13, after she’s back in Scorp. She can high-five my natal Jup & Neptune in early Scorp, too.

  • leslee

    Thanks, April. Good luck warding off the weepy ones. This morning people already seemed to be driving under the influence of the full moon. Be careful out there!

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