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Solar astrology this week: preparing to fly

enjoying the sun
enjoying the sunThe Sun is winding down its annual tour of Scorpio’s turgid bayou country, headed for the clear, open skies of Sagittarius (arriving on November 22). But as it paddles for the surface, the Sun makes aspects this week to three planetary giants: Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune.

The transiting Sun’s trine and sextile aspects to other planets have a way of making us feel as though we’re standing in front of an enthusiastic and receptive audience: confident, charismatic, and powerful. Today’s Sun/Jupiter trine (exact at 3:45 pm PST) is, in fact, a sneak preview of the Sun in Sagittarius. And you know, feeling optimistic, big-hearted, and a little bit goofy is a fun way to begin the week… and all too rare while the Sun is in Scorpio, a sign that’s generally more comfortable in the shadows than taking to the skies in a hot air balloon. The world seems a bit bigger and brighter today, and perhaps you feel your heart opening in gleeful response to its promises of adventure and fortune.

But just a further down the road, on Thursday (a day full of planetary excitement – more about that later in the week), the Sun will square Neptune (1:55 am PST).  The Sun’s transiting squares and oppositions to other planets provide a healthy system of checks and balances against the Sun’s icky white underbelly of arrogance and self-involvement. So when the Sun squares Neptune, expect self-doubt to rear its head – but perhaps that’s for the best, a safety valve to release some of today’s Sun/Jupiter exuberance and keep you from falling over a cliff as you try to take flight.

Besides, later the same day the Sun will trine Uranus (9:58 pm PST). So before the Sun’s square Neptune gets a chance to completely dissolve your self confidence and suck you into its undertow, an escape route suddenly opens – one that offers welcome change, and an exhilarating sense of freedom. Enjoy them – and let those feelings carry you into the Sun in Sagittarius season of joyful anarchy, playfulness, and thanksgiving.

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