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Thursday Thirteen Vol. 8

Thursday 13

Thirteen Sites I Visit Every Day

1. Google – which, let’s face it, is a little bit like saying, “every day I brush my teeth.” Duh. The truth isn’t always very interesting, I’m afraid.
2. Salon – After being a premium subscriber since September 2001, I recently took a break from reading Salon as part of my self-imposed news blackout. I still can’t read Daily Kos or Susie’s fine blog more than once a week or so, because I don’t the rage is good for me.

3. I was having a hard time staying on top of my favorite astrology blogs, so I finally followed Wendy’s lead and signed up for Newsgator. Now I can keep up with everyone on the astrology blogger webring in one place. Awesome.

On the other hand, I haven’t gotten organized yet with my other daily blog reads. So each day I stop by:

4. Rob’s blog

5. Dolores’ blog

6. Pamie’s blog

7. Chattering Mind blog at Beliefnet

In my civilian, non-astro life I’m a big old pop culture whore, so no day would be complete without visits to:

8. Television Without Pity – great recaps and forums on all things teevee. An excellent adjunct to my HBO series addiction.

9. IMDB – Your one-stop repository for answers to such burning questions as (this morning over breakfast, watching an old David Niven movie) … “Jane Wyman – wasn’t she the one Ronald Reagan divorced?” (Yes.)

10. Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece (celeb gossip) – Refugees from the late and lamented Fametracker celebrity forum set up this marvelous replacement board. I know celeb gossip is tawdry and wrong; but hey, a girl with a Gemini Moon needs her daily dose of snark.

11. I always seem to end up at Dreamstime, hunting down stock images to use on my website clients’ sites.

And for daily inspiration,

12. MoonCircles
13. Star IQ

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  • More things for me to check out! There is not enough time in my day for all the computer sites I ened to visit. I am so excited to see Tv without Pity….I cannot keep up with my TV addiction, too. I am still on the first season of LOST!

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