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Shameless Self-Promotion.

Hear ye, hear ye: I was a contributor to the “Chart Challenge” column in the Oct./Nov. issue of the Mountain Astrologer, which should be on the newstands any minute now (subscribers should be getting their issues in the next week or two, I think). Geared toward the beginning astrologer, the column asks two astrologers to respond to a couple of questions about a particular chart; the student can then compare his or her own findings to those of The Professionals.

I didn’t know who the other astrologer would be when I agreed to the gig, and I was a little stunned to crack open my advance copy and find myself in the esteemed company of Bruce Scofield, whose articles in TMA I’ve long admired. It’s not unlike the thrill I felt, years ago, to find my picture and name alongside those of Robert Hand in the newsletter of my local astrology group, when he and I happened to lecture in consecutive months. I sort of giggled; Robert Hand and… me? Twenty-five years ago I used to sit cross-legged in the bookstore at the mall and read his books, now we’re sharing the front page of something? What’s wrong with this picture?

And if that ain’t enough, Llewellyn’s 2007 Moon Sign Book, which includes an article I wrote about the astrological rulerships of the days of the week, is now on sale at an online bookseller near you. Rush out now in a buying frenzy!

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  • You’re a star, April. I too was excited to see you in the TMA Chart Challenge. And I’m glad you included the transit of Pluto over “Sara’s” descendant ruler — I don’t know why Bruce left that out.

    I think one thing TMA should ask the selected astrologers is how they would impart their information to the client. If Bruce doesn’t see anything significant happening in the client’s love life until 2011, how is he going to convey this without decimating her hope? I mean, 5-6 years can feel like a long time if you’re yearning for an intimate partnership.


  • Nancy

    Woo-HOO! How exciting! I just got my MA yesterday.

    Having a shin-dig at my place. You are SO invited.

  • Thanks, you guys! :: curtsy ::

    Jeff, I know what you mean. Another astrologer friend made the same point. I confess that I haven’t read Bruce’s response in depth, because I’m terrified of reading it and thinking, “Damn! Why didn’t I catch that?”

    My approach is always to try to find long-range and short-range indications of something, and if there just aren’t any short-range indicators, then I emphasize the process involved in getting from here to the long-range ones. I really dislike most predictive work, anyway, among other reasons because I think it can lure some people into a passive mindset. But anyway.

    When it comes to relationships, here’s something mysterious: most people who come to me to ask about relationships seem to be just about two years away from finding an important one. I don’t know what mysterious internal mechanism is at work, but it’s almost as though people sense where they’re at on their own inner timetable, and they come to me to figure out what they need to do to get ready. ~ A.

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