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Ugh… I’ve got a nasty-ass cold. Thanks, Mars crossing my Ascendant! I appreciate it!

So, no Thursday 13 this week. :: cough :: Back to the sofa with more Ricola, chicken soup, and bad movies.

3 comments to " Sickoid "

  • Feel better! You can post your 13 best/worst bad movies…

  • Get well soon, Kent!

  • Hi April – So sorry u are sick! May the gods of health and healing be with you. Have you tried those Zicam nose Q-tips (aka swabs)? Perhaps a little late into the cold this time, but maybe next time. Somebody recommended them to me and they’ve staved off a cold so far ! I guess cuz the medication goes right to the nose. Get well and I hope you find a gem of a good movie that you watch in your altered state and therefore find it amazingly good and memorable! your pal, natori