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I recommended yesterday as a potential wedding date to many, many clients over the past year or so. The strong Moon in Cancer trine the Sun, combined with Venus approaching a conjunction with Jupiter, was too good to pass up; too bad about Mars changing signs early Sunday morning, but you can’t have everything.

Well Mars, it would seem, had the last word, at least in Southern California. Fortunately, only one of these clients was planning to wed in the L.A./Orange County areas affected by the weekend’s horrific wildfires. I haven’t heard whether yesterday was the date my client ultimately chose for her wedding, and even if she did she was planning to hold the ceremony in an area that’s not burning, but sure has a ton of ash floating around. I’m sure hoping she wasn’t left with a soot-encrusted white gown or, worse yet, with having to postpone the whole shebang. Gulp.

Well, I still say it was a great day to start a marriage – if not, at least in parts of Southern California, the best day for a wedding!

Best wishes to those in affected areas… we here in San Diego have been in a similar situation a couple of times in the past five years, and we know all too well how terrifying, disruptive, and downright heartbreaking these fires can be.

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