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New Moon in Capricorn: Delicious Truths

ny_cupcakeA new year is about to begin, and it looks like I’ll greet it as I normally do—feeling like a failure. Almost invariably when I review the hopeful resolutions I set at the previous year’s Capricorn New Moon, and the goals that peppered my appointment book, I find that on all counts I have fallen woefully short of the mark.

And yet, wandering through a bookstore last week, I felt weirdly optimistic as my fingers lingered over a tempting display of calendars. They represent such hope and promise that I want to collect a hundred of them. What marvelous things I might summon to fill those pages in the coming year!

But of course, the problem is not that my date book isn’t filled with the right engagements or goals. The problem, almost certainly, is that I’m clinging stubbornly to an image of success that’s far too limited—one that is far too dependent on approval from everyone except myself.

Winter Solstice: How low can you go?

In the Northern Hemisphere the Sun enters Capricorn at the winter solstice, the moment of the year when the Sun, having reached its lowest point in the midday sky, prepares to make its slow ascent toward its summer zenith. Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac we associate with ambition, achievements, and reputation, so it’s a bit odd to think that the Sun begins its journey here in the same situation I face at the end of each year—about as low as possible.

If Capricorn, its ruling planet Saturn, or the 10th house (their natural home) are emphasized in your birth chart, you probably spend a certain amount of time castigating yourself for not measuring up. Why should that be, if Capricorn symbolizes success? Because the Sun is at its lowest point as it enters Capricorn, not its highest; we yearn to reach the heights of success, but we’re not there yet.

This New Year’s day coincides with the New Moon in Capricorn. It seems like the perfect day for resolutions and affirmations, for cracking open a new day planner and filling it with goals and deadlines and plans. But this New Moon falls in dark territory, with the Sun and Moon square Mars and conjoined Pluto. These are extremely harsh planetary taskmasters who allow no false moves, making this a particularly dicey time for resolutions. Begin the new year with your old stale blueprint of worldly success―the one that prescribes diets and tripling your income and finding the perfect partner―and you may succeed; but if you fail, or if your motivation is anything less than honorable, you’ll receive a cosmic black eye from Mars and a kick in the shins from Pluto for your trouble.

So while Capricorn generally prefers a kick-in-the pants approach, I’m trying a gentler approach to the new year. Mars and Pluto may glower, but the secret weapon at the dawn of 2014 is silent, shimmering Venus moving retrograde through Capricorn. Accordingly, my plan of action is this: Instead of hollering at myself for my failures, I’m going to experiment with a more flirtatious approach.

Venus in Capricorn: Flirt with Yourself

Venus is a flirt. And the most successful flirts are not those who flatter you with lies, but those who applaud the delicious truths about you that no one else ever seems to notice. Rather than cataloging my failures or imagining the pinnacle of awesomeness that I hope to scale in the new year, I’ll focus on the delicious truths of my present flawed but not entirely failed self. “What a clever joke!” I might commend myself on a well-executed bon mot; “You really paid attention to what your friend was saying,” or, “How beautifully you frosted that cake!” These everyday triumphs are as true as my various “failures”; why not make them the benchmark of my success in the coming year?

In 2014, I may or may not earn a lot more money, drop some weight, or become more respected in my profession. I’ll make my usual efforts toward these goals, but ever mindful of Mars and Pluto’s tingling palms, eager to smack if I should make a false move, I will not resolve to make them happen. My only resolution is the one I’m certain to keep: to do more of what is deliciously, truthfully me. To make an amusing observation here and there, to bake some lovely cakes, and to show some kindness to friends.

Let worldly success take care of itself, to flow from all that if it likes. And if it doesn’t, I’ll consider it no great loss. Because achievements that come only when we command them, and “resolve” them, and drag them by the hair using brute force of will, are rather like a boyfriend you had to trick into marrying you. They don’t really look all that much like happiness, do they?

I wish you every delight and deliciousness in 2014!

© 2013 by April Elliott Kent

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14 comments to " New Moon in Capricorn: Delicious Truths "

  • Leah

    Way to go, April. I heartily subscribe to the Venusian approach to this auspicious New Moon beginning of our New Year. Thanks for helping me look at things from a different perspective!

  • Luana

    Always enjoy your posts, April — your candor, humor and good writing. I agree. Let’s make the new year about Love — loving ourselves, loving life and all its beauties, loving each other. Really, what else is there?

    • Thank you, Luana! I’m giving so much thought to enjoyment during this Venus retrograde season, how to give and get more of it. Funny how difficult that can be sometimes, in a culture that prizes work and achievement over simple pleasures. Much happiness to you in the New Year!

  • I fully agree with you, to do what is deliciously, truthfully me. A slow progress I have to say but one step in that direction brings further quicker steps.
    Thank you for all your insightful guidance.

    • Very kind of you, Acquafortis – you’re so right about taking a single step. That first step can be such a test of faith, because we may doubt we have the resolve to see the journey through to the end. Happy 2014 to you!

  • Diana

    I want to be delicious this year! I will be delicious.

  • Maran

    I dutifully wrote my “intentions”, with the damned if you do, damned if you don’t feeling. The feeling of disappoint and shame of falling short mix with all the manifesting your reality stuff. After reading how you handled the resolutions conundrum, I will use the resolutions/intentions that I wrote and ask myself “What would success look like?” What would success feel like?” The insight that this journaling may provide, during this Venus retro period, should be interesting, and I suspect reveal what lies waiting to be discovered underneath.
    I love your writing style. Thank you for what you do.

  • Jenna

    Wow, what a novel thought. Not be hard on myself? Not be punishing an look at all my flaws from the past year and try to correct them this year ? Maybe I was born in Venus and don’t know it as your writing rings a bell in my head that I have needed to hear for too long. Thank you for allowing me to partake of your delicious writing and inspirations. I will post Venus’s resolutions on my bulletin board so I don’t forget as the year progress’s!

    • Whenever I’ve made significant and positive changes in my life, Jenna, it’s started with accepting myself exactly as I was. It makes sense when you think about it; why would you do good things for someone you don’t even like? Warm wishes for a happy 2014. 🙂

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