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New Look

To celebrate 11 years of Big Sky Astrology, we’re sporting a brand new look! Huge thanks go to fabulous design diva Tzaddi Gordon of ThriveWire, for her creative inspiration, beautiful work, and patient professionalism. After 12 years as a confirmed do-it-myselfer (with an occasional assist from my awesome spouse), I was more than ready for a collaborator, and Tzaddi was everything I could have hoped for.

You’ll find things have changed a little around here. Some of the older articles from the archives haven’t been moved over yet, but they’ll gradually find their way. There’s no longer a dedicated “articles” page; it’s all part of the astroblog now, though a few pages (wedding astrology, eclipse astrology) have links to specific, related posts. But all the stuff you’ve enjoyed is still here, and if you have trouble finding anything there’s a groovy little search thingie at the bottom right of this page.

Most of all, there’s room to grow. I’ve got some plans for what I want to offer you in the coming year, including:

  • a membership area/playground with specific content for mailing list subscribers and folks who’ve purchased specific products that include videos and other downloads;
  • an affiliate program, specifically to help promote my Moonshadow eclipse report and the new, expanded and updated Wedding Date Workshop (coming in June). So many readers and colleagues have recommended Moonshadow to their friends, clients, and customers, and this program will give me a way to reward that support and get my reports to new readers.
  • more stuff to help you learn astrology, including videos, quizzes, and other fun downloads to support my book, The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology, which lands in a bookstore near you in June.

Interestingly, the progressed Sun for recently entered a new sign (Cancer), and all the chart’s progressed angles are poised at 29 degrees of mutable signs. So this is a fitting time for both finishing up and new beginnings for the site – and I’m grateful for those of you who’ve been along for the ride, and for all who’ll join us for the next part of the journey! ETA (5/12/11): ย The Sabian Symbol for the degree of Big Sky’s progressed Sun is 1 Cancer: “On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One.” Salute!

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