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Neptune turning direct: The Fog.

whaleI spent the last couple of days mostly on the couch, mindlessly surfing the net and taking long naps, eating leftover Halloween candy, almost completely unable to marshal my resources and get anything done. I figured it was a sort of social hangover after the push of hosting a big Halloween dinner and simultaneously frolicking with an out-of-town guest. It felt almost exactly like a hangover, actually, though the only alcohol I’ve had in recent memory was a half-glass of champagne at the party.

People never believe that a Leo (especially one with a Sagittarius ascendant) can be introverted. But intensive socializing really takes it out of me. You need look no further than Neptune in Scorpio in my 12th house, holding powerful sway and exerting hypnotic influence over my natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus. My teacher used to describe Neptune as an “energy leak” in the chart. Sure enough, I often feel as though I have to put twice the energy into mobilizing my planets that aspect Neptune, to make up for the dissipation factor.

But it ends up there was more to the story than that: transiting Neptune, retrograde since late May, has been stationing this week, preparing to move direct today. My individual Neptune matrix had gotten ensnared in a more pervasive and universal fog. The outer planets inch along at such a glacial pace, and stay retrograde for so long, that it’s easy to overlook their stations. But what they lack in activity, these planets more than make up for in heft.  Fleet little Mercury turning retrograde or direct is irritating, yes, but it’s like a goldfish that’s jumped out of its bowl and is flopping back and forth on the table; just pick it up and toss it back in the water, and that’s that. Neptune turning retrograde or direct, on the other hand, is more like a whale that’s beached itself, and it often requires valiant efforts to push it back out to sea.

Today, my inner sky began to clear. I woke refreshed, leaped into the shower, and prepared to take off later today for a few days of R&R.  The fog has lifted, and my great white whale has pushed itself back out to sea where it belongs. For now.

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  • Well you’re not the only one April! I had an extremely active Sept and early Oct but then I got the swine flu and I was really sick for a week and I’m still recovering.

    And the last couple of weeks I’ve been extremely self indulgent because I have no energy. The worst part is the whole year I planned for late Oct and early Nov ( tr Saturn on MC, tr Jupiter on Mercury/Venus) to be the big pay off, the denoement or the big resolution but I can hardly move lol

    But I’ve decided I’m just going to enjoy the fog (it’s beautiful), Neptune is just as important in our lives as any other planet, remember what Steven Forrest says in his books “Don’t do anthing” (at Neptune times)!

    Cheers April,


  • WinkGamer

    I know exactly what you mean. I exhausted myself with Halloween but we better gain some energy again in time for Christmas.

  • Hey April,

    I really liked this article. 🙂 Though I would have bet money that you were a Virgo ( guess I lose LOL ). I have neptune conjunct my moon in my 4th so the energy leak is true but theres also a wave of neptunian energies that I have been struggling to get a hold of most of my life ( i.e. Pisces rules my eigth AND my ninth house which is intercepted with 4 planets in Aries. Tagged by the Pluto and Saturn squares respectively. So this Neptune push direct has effected me in huge unexpected ways and yes .. the difference between Mercury retro and this is a goldfish and a whale .. 🙂 LOL Loved the article hon. Thanks so much.

  • P.S. Sorry but I just realized something else … I have Sedna conjunct my MC. I kind of feel like my whole life has been one big FOG and that now with this Pluto push and square it’s squeezing my Aries out of me. I feel that I’m JUST coming out of it as a WHOLE person. Once I found an activity that incorporated Neptunian stuff ( i.e. my writing ) I was able to start truly emerging from the turbulent seas and fogs of my life. Don’t know if that makes any sense to you but it’s epiphany I wanted to share. :0) Either way .. love your articles hon.

  • I love the imagery in this post! For me, it doesn’t matter whether Neptune is retrograde or direct since I’m constantly leaking energy from my angular houses. But at least you’ve summoned the energy to vacation from the couch. 🙂

    • Oh, I’m one big leaky boat, Jara – practically everything in my chart aspects Neptune! So it amazes me that I notice the Neptune stations – seems like it should just be business as usual!

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  • Sylvia

    It’s still a great article when Neptune stations direct or retrograde! I always come back and re read it to remind me why I feel so sleepy and not in good-humor during these phases.

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