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Mercury in Sagittarius: Infinite Jest

Sagittarius Infinite Jest
Sagittarius Infinite JestMercury entered Sagittarius on Monday for a several week stay (it will enter Capricorn on the 30th).  Those born with Mercury in this sign (or in my case, in the 9th house and opposed Jupiter; same difference) will freely attest to its ebullience, philosophical esprit, and infinite jest. And because we have nothing to hide, we’re just as candid about its opinionated bombast, penchant for potty humor, and foot-in-mouth disease.

Mercury’s stint in Scorpio -October 20 through November 8 – urged you to sift through the contents of your psychic litter box with an x-ray machine of self-reflection. Mercury in Scorpio sees all, knows all, and calls others on their bullshit while carefully concealing his own thoughts.  But Mercury in Sagittarius blends Scorpio’s keen insight with a complete lack of inhibition. And having little to conceal himself, he assumes you won’t mind it when he comments on your sensitive spots. Even Sagittarius’ philosophical bent is a natural reaction to the dark introspection of the Scorpio cycle; after examining life’s unpleasant side, one eventually has to come up with a philosophical context in which to place things like suffering and death and the afterlife.

Regardless of your own natal Mercury position, the prevailing winds of the next few weeks point in the direction of candor, humor, and an urge to frame things in a positive and hopeful light. So forgive others when their observations seem a little blunt; usually, they will be kindly meant. Overlook the occasional scatological wisecrack. And do your best to keep your foot out of your mouth.

4 comments to " Mercury in Sagittarius: Infinite Jest "

  • Love this April! I have Mercury in Aries in the 9th and occassionally have to seriously hold my tongue (and sometimes am unable to). It’s a good job I was born a writer so I have the opportunity to chatter on about the meaning of life ’til my heart’s content (Sun in the 9th too lol). I’m already liking the energy of this Sag Mercury 🙂

    • Thanks, Leah! I’ve got Sun in the 9th house too, so I know what you mean; it’s all about the Big Picture, isn’t it? Happy Mercury in Sag to you!

  • Nancy B

    My natal Merc is 1st house, 1st degree of Virgo. I think I’m in midst of natal Merc square transit Merc in Sag, yes? What does this mean? Gut says relax on the picky-picky about what people have to say and try to hear their bigger picture. I’ve always been a literal listener. Am blaming Virgo. Seems like a double nudge with Merc in Sag square natal Merc in Virgo to try to forgive, overlook and keep foot out of smarty-pants mouth. Merc hanging out with Mars isn’t being very helpful with this. * Also like your sunshiny point that we may well be in need of a little light and positive perspective on stuff after the Scorpio bath we just took. * Maybe not the place for this, but wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the new “semimonthly roundup” from your blog. I love this idea!

    • Thank you so much, Nancy! And yes, I think your gut reaction is right on point: “relax on the picky-picky and try to hear the bigger picture.” I’m guilty of the picky-picky myself, especially about grammar and punctuation, and often jump to criticism instead of keeping an open mind and heart. (Of course, my Virgo planets are jumping in right now to say “But the apostrophe! Who will defend the apostrophe?!”) A warm wave to my beloved New Zealand, and to you!

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