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Mercury Rx: Lather, rinse, repeat.

hissyTomorrow the Sun makes its opening square to Pluto following the conjunction last December. I seem to have mercifully blocked out December from my consciousness, and my meager blog updates that month are no help in jogging my memory. I know November was hideous, so maybe I simply spent December in a convalescent state. But in any event, that was ground zero, if you will, of much of the past week’s unpleasantness. The snake that’s been coiled in the bottom of the laundry hamper for the last three months has suddenly reared up for a venemous strike.

Look for this square to unleash even more of the latent energy of last Tuesday’s lunar eclipse. The degrees of the Sun and Moon (24.15 Pisces and Virgo) were within spitting distance of this square to Pluto at the eclipse, and now the aspect is perfecting in real time. It’s been a pretty nasty eclipse season so far for a lot of us; that Virgo purging stuff has been harsh, and I’m hearing many stories of serious illness. I suspect that, after tomorrow, the worst of the shocks will be behind us. One hopes.

Naturally, it hasn’t been dreadful for everyone. One friend parlayed all this cosmic energy into the purchase of her first house; other pals are in the throes of joyous passion of varying degrees of seriousness. Their stories are welcome dinghies in the storm-tossed ocean of lousy news.

Mercury retrograde hasn’t been terribly helpful either, has it? I mean, Mercury Rx is a nuisance more than anything, but this time around it’s been an expensive one, too, for us at least. A couple of weeks ago, both the power pack and battery for my beloved laptop went belly-up. Then I managed to kill my little comb binding machine just before an onslaught of eclipse report orders hit my inbox. And a few hours after I brought my new machine home from Office Depot and was all geared up to kick out a bunch of reports, the toner cartridge on my laser printer crapped out. Back to Office Depot, excessive $$$ for new toner cartridge, etc.

Lather, rinse, repeat.