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Highlights June 10-16, 2019: The Truth, the Path, and the Coordinates

The truth, the path, and the coordinates

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The truth about who you are

Should you be farther along in your journey than you are? This week features the latest (the first was on January 13) exact square between adventurous Jupiter and imaginative Neptune (June 16, 8:18 am). As this square is triggered by the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter (June 10, 8:28 am), it may seem as though everyone else is having all the fun and luck that you’re not; but statistically, that can’t be true for all of us! There are probably plenty of people who think the same about you, or who, if they knew you, would marvel at all the wonderful advantages you enjoy. The previous day’s Sun/Neptune square suggests that you may simply lack confidence in your ability to stand up and be recognized; maybe it’s that lack of confidence, and not a deficit of luck, that’s holding you back.

But a deeper question is posed by Jupiter and Neptune, one big enough to keep us mulling it over throughout this year. It has something to do with whether the beliefs and creeds we espouse are congruent with what our intuition and spiritual radar tell us is true. This week, give yourself a performance evaluation in this area. Are you living a life that tells the whole truth about who you are? If deep down you know that you’re not, that could also be something that’s keeping you from living out loud.

The path, the costs, and the obstacles

This week, Mars in Cancer has perfected the art of being busy without seeming to do much at all. As Mars crosses over the Moon’s North Node (June 12, 3:46 pm), all that’s required is that you focus on the path ahead instead of looking over your shoulder at the path not taken. The Sun last week and Jupiter this week are in conflict with Neptune, all of which invites you to imagine something bigger and more truthful for yourself. Mars moves this wish out of the realm of dreams and into reality, through its trine aspect to Neptune (June 13, 11:12 pm PDT). If you’ve identified the path with heart, a path that makes sense to you philosophically, don’t waste time regretting the old dreams that didn’t come true. Follow Mars down the path that’s calling to you now.

That said, Mars opposing Saturn (June 14, 8:50 am PDT) will also remind you that there are costs and obstacles associated with walking any path. Moving forward in your life may mean turning your back on opportunities that would increase your status or reputation. And for all that this week brings the exhilaration that comes with making a bold decision, next week’s Mars/Pluto opposition will tempt you to believe that the whole thing is a fool’s errand, and that you have shot yourself in the foot. Don’t believe it. Believe in the dream, in your convictions, and in your ability to overcome what you must to make it a reality.

Something to show for it

Along for the ride, whispering encouraging messages in your ear, is Mercury, the god of commerce, messages, and big ideas. He is the naming god who has the ability to give language to the ineffable yearnings of the spirit.

As Mercury conjoins the Moon’s North Node (June 15, 10:56 am), he takes your heart’s destination to Google maps and traces its exact coordinates, showing you the most direct way to reach your destination. Mercury trine Neptune (June 16, 4:43 am) is your town crier and press agent, announcing to one and all your clear intention to pursue your heart’s purpose. And as Mercury opposes Saturn shortly afterward (June 16, 7:00 am), he is the ghost of Christmas future: “If you start out today, and it takes you 10 years, guess how old you’ll be when it’s done? And if you don’t start out today, guess how old you’ll still be in 10 years? You might as well have something to show for it.”

And he’s right about that, you know. You may as well.

©2019  April Elliott Kent

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5 comments to " Highlights June 10-16, 2019: The Truth, the Path, and the Coordinates "

  • Susan

    Happy 20th Anniversary, April! What a wonderful milestone. You deserve a Venus and Jupiter parade, even if only through your own yard. Your insight has sustained your loyal following; your art reflects your beautiful vision, and your beautiful writing makes the journey seem like a canoe ride across a land of enchantment.
    Brava! and Thank YOU!

  • Leah Shaver

    Happy Anniversary, April. Perseverance really does further. This week’s post is so affirming and encouraging. Thanks for freely giving of yourself with such wit and understanding. <3

  • Congrats! A friend today described people like us as ‘perennials’. It takes many years to build true skill and wisdom and most people don’t stay the course. Your beautiful imagery and insightful interpretations leave you with nothing to fear from the age of social media – as indeed your Instagram feed testifies 😉 Here’s to the next 20. I look forward to the ride as I only recently hopped aboard 🙂

  • Prhea

    Send me pictures of the parade especially the cats.

  • Elle B

    Dear, Dear April:

    Glitz and glamour or not know that everyone has their ‘tribe’ and whatever it takes for one to tune into the ones that they belong to know that it will happen with or without the flashing lights.
    Your outstanding insights along with beautiful sharing of your early family life make reading your offerings highly educational and have always been a welcome sight in my inbox.
    How interesting how often times when we ‘look back’ no matter how pressing it may have seemed at the time we’re glad we didn’t ‘fold our tents’. There’s a call for what we do and absolutely no one can do what we came to do like each one of us.

    Thank you for hanging in there. Happy anniversary and should the call continue for these offerings may there be many more.

    Count me among those who are very happy to have heard and responded to your ‘call’.

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