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Highlights for September 23-29, 2019: Day, Night, and Noon

Day, Night, and Noon

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Where you begin and I end

The great wheel turns toward Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, as the Sun enters Libra (Sep. 23, 0:51 am PDT), the sign of balance, fairness, and equality. At the equinox, day and night are equal in length, each nestled comfortably on one side of Libra’s scales. For a moment, we stand in a place that’s neither below or above, where the quality of the light could belong to either dusk or dawn; where the line is blurred between where you begin and I end.

The scales of justice are used as a symbol for Libra. The farmer, at autumn’s harvest, reaps what he’s sown. When it’s time to sell his crops, he negotiates a price based not only on well he has tended his farm, but how well others have tended theirs – and how well nature has treated them all.

Energetically, this is the time of year to evaluate the fruits of your year’s labors so far. If you have goals to meet before the calendar year is over, you will have to evaluate what is feasible. Libra is the sign of partnership, and you may decide you will need to enjoin others to help you.


When Venus squares Saturn (Sep. 25, 12:19 pm PDT), you may encounter an obstacle that leads you to wonder: Is the thing that you want – the job, the relationship, the house, the career – really right for you? It’s the appropriate question to ask. When Saturn puts up his palm and orders us to stop, it can a warning or a test; there are times to plow right through any obstacles in our path, and there are times to stop and reflect, and take those roadblocks as a caution. Venus’s degree at the square is on the Sabian Symbol, A noon siesta. Rather than banging your head against a wall to show Saturn how determined you are, this might be one of those moments when it’s better to retreat and reflect.


During yesterday’s contemplative “siesta,” you may have come to a deeper understanding about what’s really important to you in a particular situation. Today, as Mercury squares Pluto (Sep. 26, 4:49 pm PDT), you may face a decision with important, far-reaching consequences. Many voices will weigh in with their opinions, but in the end there’s just your own, unshakeable conviction. Pluto is on the Sabian symbol A general accepting defeat gracefully; you may indeed decide the best course is to back away from something you once pursued fiercely. But grace – not defeat – is the key word here. Sometimes what looks like defeat to others is simply acknowledging where our best interests lie.

Gained in the right way

Remember that Venus/Saturn square a few days ago? Now is where that noon siesta introspection will pay off. At the New Moon, folklore suggests we sow seeds of intention in a specific area of life. The New Moon in Libra (Sep. 28, 5.20 deg. Libra, 11:26 am) marks the beginning of a new 12-month cycle of relationship. Whether you’re wishing to find a romance, trying to mend fences with a relative, negotiating a business connection, or hoping for a renewal of your marriage commitment, this is the New Moon for planting those seeds.

However, this New Moon is marked by Saturn, so don’t expect these seeds to flourish without a lot of discipline, hard work, and perseverance. And though all relationships require us to check some measure of independence at the door, this New Moon’s relationship seeds may require much more compromise in that area than we are comfortable with.

The key lies with the Moon’s South Node, which makes its final conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn (Sep. 27, 11:21 pm PDT) just twelve hours before the New Moon. The first of these conjunctions was on April 30, just a week and a half after the Libra Full Moon. The ensuing six months have been an intensive process of releasing structures, patterns, and boundaries that were preventing us from healthy self-acceptance. This series of conjunctions has posed the question: What if we were able to stop letting others define our worth, our goodness, our legitimacy? Wouldn’t that make our relationships a whole lot healthier?

It would, and it will. But at this New Moon, let your intention be something like this: I release whatever has given my emotional world structure over the past 29 years, and I recognize that a period of solitude would be better than building new relationships on old compromises. With Venus closely approaching a sextile to Jupiter (exact Sep. 28, 4:40 pm PDT) in the New Moon chart, the opportunity is coming to receive loving abundance and abundant loving – but they must be gained in the right way.

© 2019 by April Elliott Kent

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