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Highlights for Sep. 16-22, 2019: We Might Be Giants

We Might be Giants

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Moving forward and standing strong

Saturn turned retrograde on April 29 at 21 Capricorn, on the Sabian symbol for A relay race. As we prepare for Saturn to turn direct this week (September 18, 1:46 am PDT), I revisited my column for that week:

“This week, think about what you’re holding on to that would better be passed on to another runner. Sometimes, we run out of energy or ideas to take something to the next step; sometimes, we just run out of time. But if you’ve had a hand in building something worthwhile, something you love, you owe it to that thing to pass it on to someone who can give it their all.”

Since I wrote (and promptly forgot about) that passage, it’s come to seem quite prescient to me. Realizing I’d hit a wall and needed help to move forward in my business, I recently hired two wonderful, creative ladies to assist me, and I’m relinquishing some of the heavier of my volunteer commitments. (And just yesterday Ponce’s, the restaurant I wrote about in that week’s column, had a huge celebration of their 50 years in business!)

Saturn turns direct at 13.54 Capricorn, on the Sabian Symbol, An ancient bas-relief carved in granite. It’s a reminder that we stand on the shoulders of ancient, granite-carved giants – our ancestors, our professional predecessors, and great individuals who guide our values. And it’s a reminder that we are playing our part, and that we’re laying granite platforms upon which the future – and our future selves -can stand.

No false moves

As Mars in Virgo makes a trine to Pluto (Sep. 19, 2019, 8:53 am), a pure and valiant heart is the best protection from Pluto’s fierce gaze. Bring your most diligent, careful, Mars in Virgo precision to all you do today, and Pluto’s power will support and possibly elevate you. We often fall into the trap of framing Pluto in the worst possible terms, but he represents the influence and power that can be yours when you bring your most truthful, authentic self to the world. There isn’t a lot of room for false moves where Pluto is concerned – but Mars in Virgo, while far from perfect, is rarely false.

Into the great wide open

This week features the final (the others were on Jan. 13 and June 16) exact square between adventurous Jupiter and imaginative Neptune (Sep. 21, 9:44 am). If you’ve been asking yourself the right questions this year, you’re beginning to see the truth about who you are, what you want to be, and how you want to live. Jupiter opens up new horizons; now, guided by a strong sense of true spiritual purpose, we’re ready to launch into those wide open skies.

Choose carefully… but choose

My husband delights in telling the story of an indecisive friend who was in the driver’s seat one night on a particularly memorable roadtrip. They came to a fork in the road and the poor fellow simply couldn’t decide which turn to take – so he plowed straight ahead and ran over a sign.

That’s the acme of Mercury in Libra: the inability to make a firm decision, for fear of neglecting some important point of view in favor of another. There’s a paralysis that can set in; it’s something I never fully understood, having zero planets or even asteroids in Libra, until my progressed Sun entered that sign about nine years ago. Now, there are moments my Libra-born spouse and I stand around the kitchen island at dinner time, at a total loss as to decide on what’s for dinner.

But as Mercury in Libra makes a square aspect to Saturn (Sep. 22, 9:18 am PDT) and the South Node (4:43 pm PDT) in anything-but-indecisive Capricorn, the days of dickering about dinner will be over. We began the week with Saturn’s forward march toward posterity, and end it with Jupiter and Neptune’s insistence that there are no mistakes, as long as we’re guided by what’s true about us. Let their messages embolden you to make the best decisions you can, and trust that for now, that’s enough. We must choose carefully – but we must choose.

© 2019 by April Elliott Kent

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4 comments to " Highlights for Sep. 16-22, 2019: We Might Be Giants "

  • I have been navigating my second Saturn return as well. About 3 degrees, in the 12th house. I’ve found that my spiritual life has been almost totally drowned out by “real stuff”, like money, politics, thinking about moving to a new city, etc. The Jupiter/Neptune square feels like it’s totally passed me by, but I’m sure that somewhere, some how, it has moved or shaped me. Perhaps the fruits will show up at a later date:)

    I’m fascinated by the coming Capricorn stellium. Even though many are describing it in fairly apocalyptic terms, I sort of can’t wait to see what happens. But then, I have a stellium in Scorpio and my natal Pluto inhabits the 8th house. Dark, dirty, deep work is my jam.

    All the best

  • Rhea

    Do you know I honestly can’t remember my second Saturn return, maybe the skies were quieter then.
    Can I ask is Jupiter the ruler of your chart because you have Sag ascendant ?

    Thank you

    • April

      Yep, I have Sag rising so Jupiter is my chart ruler. I do find my second Saturn return is very different from the first. I’m grading myself on a different curve, maybe. Living up to one’s potential looks very different at 58 than it did at 29!

  • Clairessense

    I’m not really sure what I’m meant to be feeling, but I’m feeling. I have a stellium in Virgo in my 4th house, made up of Mars, Uranus and Pluto. I can tell you I gets a bit squashed inside sometimes. But right now it’s my second Saturn return that has me feeling trepidation. I’m watching and listening to you April, as you approach your 2nd return and go before me. Next year will be my (Sa)turn, along with transiting Pluto moving into my 8th house. Now that’s scary stuff and it is most certainly happening already, deep below the surface stirring up murky stuff and fear for sure, I have to say that it kind of feels like the calm before the storm right now.
    Bringing my “most truthful, authentic self to the world” is certainly my desire and it’s so not easy to pull off. Perfect I most certainly am not.
    Thanks April for leading the way and bringing me insight,

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