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Highlights for Sep. 2-8, 2019: Through the Forest & Along the Sea

Through the forest & along the sea

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It's going to be a very full week, so this will take awhile.
Let Mars Know You See Him

Have you ever known a person whose beauty, charisma, or talent was so incandescent, you felt as though you were completely invisible whenever they’re around? Through no fault of their own, they overwhelm the space they occupy. You’re probably impressed with them yourself, yet spending time in their company eventually becomes too painful; you feel yourself practically fading into the woodwork in their presence.

Perhaps this is what it’s like to be one of the visible planets when it joins in a conjunction with the Sun, at the same degree of the same sign. Traditional astrologers call a planet in this condition “combust” and consider them debilitated, because the Sun’s radiance renders them invisible. This week, Mars receives its annual conjunction from the Sun (Sep. 2, 3:42 am) – and Mars is not the sort of planet that is willing to yield the stage without a fight. So, let Mars in Virgo know that you see him this week, and that you appreciate his energy and determination, his diligence and care. Give him his due, with plenty of exercise, spicy food, and red candles, and he’ll repay you with valiant protection and courtly attention.

The same day, Venus squares Jupiter (9:26 am) on the Sabian Symbol 16 Virgo, An Orangutan. In some versions of this symbol, the orangutan is in a cage, watched by children. But as originally channeled by psychic Elsie Wheeler, the image is simpler – a powerful, wild animal. Venus on this degree of the zodiac celebrates the beauty and grace of what is uncivilized in each of us. But her square to Jupiter in Sagittarius emphasizes the conflict between our wild natures and the societal laws, philosophies, and religions we employ to tame them. Both must be honored today.

Forget Nothing

On September 3, Mercury mediates the dispute between the Sun and Mars, first making a conjunction with Mars (8:40 am) and then with the Sun (6:40 pm). Mercury the messenger must listen patiently as Mars rages about being overlooked and unappreciated, then try to convey Mars’ displeasure to the Sun/King – who isn’t particularly interested in listening.

But here’s a secret: Of these three planets convening in Virgo, Mercury is the most powerful. Strong in its own sign, it rules all the other planets currently in Virgo.

Mercury symbolizes knowledge, and knowledge is power. While others beat their chests and holler, be quiet and modest. Listen sympathetically. Keep your own counsel. Forget nothing.

The Beautiful Secretary

As the Moon reaches its First Quarter phase in Sagittarius (“We ride at dawn!”), impatience threatens to boil over. Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune (Sep. 4, 4:26 am) and asks: should we listen to what sounds like reason (but might just be what we want to hear), or follow our intuition (which could be delusional)?

Mercury’s trine to Saturn (5:37 am) in the infinitely pragmatic earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn, has no such ambivalence. “Feel what you want,” these two say. “We’re going to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”  Like Mercury eavesdropping on the Sun and Mars, you’ve spent a couple of days observing boisterous, demanding people vie for attention. By now, you know what everyone wants – and somewhere in the wings is an executive-minded opportunist, waiting to help you use that information to best advantage. If Venus wishes, she can join you as the beautiful secretary, or else she can jump in a boat and pursue Neptune’s dreams. (Spoiler: Practical Mercury ultimately rules her, too.)

The Price of Power

A the Sun trines Saturn (Sep. 6, 2:56 pm), Saturn – the master opportunist – knows what the King wants (thanks to Mercury) and pledges to help him get it. He will, of course, make the same promise to Mars later in the week.

Venus decides to pass on Neptune and his promises of margaritas on the high seas. She trines Pluto (Sep. 6 8:46 pm), aligning with Saturn’s bosom companion and the only badass who can elevate her to the status she craves. (“Secretary, my ass.”) But it’s wise to be cautious whenever power is offered in exchange for one’s beauty, money, youth, or affection. There can be unpleasant strings attached.


Mercury opposes Neptune (Sep. 7, 0:18 am), and it occurs to Mercury that this is the one guy he hasn’t figured out yet. Here, he faces a planet that’s also very strong in its own sign. Mercury can’t talk the sea into giving up its secrets; he’ll have to kick off his shoes and walk into the water. And once that happens, Neptune is in charge – and words, logic, and practicality become, literally, immaterial.

The song goes like this

MThe Sun in Virgo makes a square to Jupiter on September 8 (8:26 am), again on the Orangutan Sabian Symbol. The name orangutan refers not to the animal’s color, but to an Indonesian phrase that translates to “forest people.” The orangutan is ungainly and brutish looking, but it’s also one of the most intelligent and skilled primates. He reminds us of Virgo’s earthy side – the sort of bloke often played by Virgo Adam Sandler – but also of its practical intelligence. When down-to-earth Sun in Virgo collides with high-minded Jupiter, there will be a lot of eye-rolling and sighs on both sides. But if they can work together, no team is capable of bigger things.

Which brings us, ultimately, to Mars in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn (Sep. 8, 9:14 pm). I have this aspect in my own birth chart, and in these same signs, and I know its song by heart. It goes something like this.

Work tirelessly, relentlessly, inexorably toward perfection – until it’s clear that perfection isn’t an option. And then, work toward something simpler: survival.

This week, work toward perfection, toward the ideal. But know that on any given day, it isn’t possible to get there. And that’s when we have to rely on the strong back of Saturn to carry us along to the next day, the next chance; and through the next failure, step by step through the forest and along the sea, until we reach success.

© 2019 by April Elliott Kent


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  • Tammy

    The insight about being invisible around certain people is really profound and places my life experiences in a new light. Thanks!

    • Ieneke

      This whole weekend is hitting me big time. I do not feel like going into details, but with my Moon in 16 Pisces and Venus at 10 Virgo, and Pluto still around my IC I have not been able to stop crying.

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