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Highlights for Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2019

After the purge

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A fleet and eager Mercury

M ercury is moving particularly fast as the week begins, en route to a superior conjunction with the Sun (Jan. 29, 6:51 pm). This is the part of Mercury’s cycle, post-retrograde, when perceptions catch up with the life we’re actually living. The feeling of racing to catch up—as in a dream of running, running, and never getting anywhere—subsides for awhile. We’re moving forward. We’re putting together information and concepts and producing little “news segments” from them, eager to share our insights with the world. Mercury will now race past the Sun, eager and curious as a child running ahead of its parents; when it retrogrades again (March 5), the child will return with messages from the not-too-distant future for our examination and incorporation.

A bridge

On Jan. 31 (6:15 am), Saturn and Neptune meet in the first of three sextile aspects they’ll make to each other over the course of 2019 (the other two dates are June 18 and November 8). Astrologically, these two wouldn’t seem, at first glance, to have much in common. Saturn symbolizes boundaries, limits, and structures, while Neptune symbolizes the ways in which all things are connected, as fish in an invisible sea. Neptune rules the imagination, while Saturn concerns himself of making the most of the here and now.

But this year, they are connected by a sextile aspect, signaling an opportunity for the two to cooperate and learn from one another. To the Romans, Saturn was the god of agriculture and bounty, and Neptune the fresh waters used for irrigation. And the power of Neptune’s waters is guided and made useful by Saturn’s boundaries, in everything from fish ponds to levees. The challenge, this year, is to harness the power of each planet in a way that complements and enriches the other. Let Saturn bridge the gap between Neptune’s dreams and reality, and let Neptune’s imagination bring an added layer of meaning to Saturn’s reality.

An explosion

B ack in late April, Mars and Pluto came together in a conjunction, beginning a new two-year cycle of action, battle, and desire (Mars) interacting with power and control (Pluto). Mars and Pluto are a bit too much alike for anyone’s good, and when they come together by aspect the result is likely to be anger, explosions (emotional and literal), and even violence.

Now, Mars and Pluto have reached the first square, or crisis point, in their cycle (Feb. 1, 7:20 pm). Passion that’s been tightly controlled since last spring is now ready to burst forth and find its target. If you have planets close to 21 deg. of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), this aspect brings a test of your ability to harness your energy and direct it toward a positive purpose that benefits the collective, not just yourself.

After the purge

Venus has had fun in Sagittarius (since Jan. 7), Marie Kondo-ing itself into a decluttering frenzy and freeing itself of boxes and bags of unwanted clothing, books, and brick-a-brack. Venus in this freewheeling sign has focused on gaining perspective and appreciating individual freedom, and evaluating relationships, money, and possessions in this light. It’s been relatively easy, especially as Venus trines Uranus (Feb. 2, 3:40 pm), to let go of whatever doesn’t “spark joy” in your life.  But it might be a good idea to pile those bags of unwanted treasures on the back porch for a day or two; Venus is about to change signs, and what we want, what we crave, what’s in fashion, and yes, what sparks joy subtly shifts when Venus changes signs each month or so.

As Venus leaves the wide open, bohemian spaces of Sagittarius, where it’s craved more space and less attachment to things and to people, it enters the much more conventional sign of Capricorn (Feb. 3, 2:29 pm). Here, the gypsy dons on a nicely cut suit. The hobo rents a room. The free spirit of the family surprises everyone by marrying a nice investment banker and wearing sweater sets. And having gotten rid of loads of stuff that doesn’t really suit us, we now hanker after quality – a luxury car, proper jewelry, well-made shoes.

If you’ve spent the past few weeks cleaning your closets – and if you can resist the siren call of luxury consumer items – Venus’ foray through Capricorn is excellent for organizing what is left after the purge. Capricorn has a great sense of organization and finds it quite satisfying to categorize, alphabetize, fold, and generally put things in their proper places.

An interesting door

Just before last Christmas, Mercury made a conjunction with Jupiter; now, the two make a quick sextile aspect (Feb. 3, 1:54 pm). Opportunity is the keyword for the sextile, and here is an opportunity to take your knowledge, ideas, and information to the next level. Think of going from lower divisional work in college to upper divisional work in your major, where you begin to do research and grapple with more complex ideas.

Mind you, you don’t have to do this, and that’s the other side of the sextile. Unlike a square, which creates an unbearable itch that must be scratched, a sextile says, “Here’s the door – you may walk through or not, as it suits you.” So, challenge yourself a little. Think bigger for yourself. Pick up a challenging book, learn something new. Find an interesting door and walk through it.

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  • Pegs

    Was just thinking how many planets are in their own signs right now! Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sag, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces! I have them all but Neptune in Pisces but my moon in Pisces is trine Neptune in my natal chart✌

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    I love your writings April!!
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