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Highlights for Aug. 2-8, 2021: Waking Up

Waking Up

Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone.


There are lots of ways to wake up. Some involve jarring, blaring alarm clocks or earthquakes. Others involve a lovable pet who wants breakfast, or a snuggly, amorous partner who wants you.

I point this out because Venus, the planet of money and partners, is in aspect to Uranus, planet of awakening and unexpected events this week (Aug 2, 2021, 11:53 pm PDT), and that can sound a little scary. But the aspect between them is a harmonious trine, which sounds more like a kitten jumping on a bed than an earthquake. You may see pleasant developments in your personal relationships, as you and your partner rediscover the spark that brought you together. Or there may be a financial windfall (or, admittedly, an unexpected setback), since Venus also rules money. But if you responded to the creative wake-up call of Venus square Uranus last month, this should be the moment when those actions begin to bear fruit.

The Story

There’s a story we tell about ourselves, starting from our earliest experiences and encompassing all the milestones up to the present day. The experiences we choose to highlight in that story – and most importantly, the way we frame ourselves as hero, victim, victor, or loser – are up to us. As Mercury, the storyteller, clashes with Uranus (Aug. 3, 2021, 6:57 pm PDT), it’s time to change that story.  Mercury is still in Leo, so by all means, place yourself at the heart of your own life story; but remember that we all have blind spots, and being a true protagonist means earning your heroism, not defending your flaws.

Things We Do

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes sanity. It symbolizes the sense of self and sovereignty that comes with an intact, healthy ego. It’s the self we take for granted, our default settings, our governing principles. A healthy Sun gives us a strong platform from which to launch out into the challenging business of building and maintaining a life.

The Sun tells us that there are Things We Do and Things We Do Not Do, by virtue of being who we are. “As an introvert, I hate going to parties,” might be one of these rules, or, “I’m not someone who will take a vacation by myself.” But on occasion, a fleeting transit opens up the idea of Self for a very brief, spontaneous rumspringa. This week offers such an occasion, as the transiting Sun in Leo squares Uranus (Aug. 6, 2021, 4:57 pm PDT). Even if the unpredictability of life this past year has left you holding on to stability with both hands, allow this quick transit to throw you off course. It’s time to adjust your settings a little bit. Let the unexpected thing become a Thing That You Do.


Each year, at the Leo New Moon, we’re called to plant seeds of ecstatic love and joy. Those seeds may take the form of tentative steps toward romance, or starting a band or a new business, or even welcoming tiny creatures – the heart made visible – into our homes. But we have to remember that the New Moon is a dark, uncertain phase, even when it’s basking in Leo’s glowing fire. And that’s especially true, if I’m to be honest, at this Leo New Moon (Aug. 8, 2021, 6:50 am PDT), when the Sun and Moon at 16.14 Leo are opposed grim Saturn and square unpredictable Uranus. Can we summon enough joy in us, enough heart, to shine like the Sun even when things get tough and times are uncertain?

When you plant seeds, you can’t know exactly what will come of them. They may fail to germinate at all. And if they do, even if they flourish, it’s certain that they’ll know dark days, too. Days of flood or of dry, crackling heat. Days of disappointment, disagreements, disillusionment, and reminders of mortality. Leo’s job is to just keep sowing, just keep loving, and just keep shining.

Writing and images © 2020-2021 by April Elliott Kent

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