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Scorpio Full Moon: Thirsty for Magic

I‘ve been running at full speed for ages. Last week, I took off on a road trip that included lectures in several cities. Getting ready for the trip was so stressful I was losing hair that my post-menopausal self can ill afford to lose.

And then, hours after finishing my first two events, a call came from home. Our dear old one-eyed, diabetic cat was being rushed to the emergency pet hospital and was desperately ill. By the next afternoon, we’d made the six-hour drive home.

And my back was killing me.

I took the hint and crawled into bed. In between calls from veterinarians, there has been a lot of napping, reading, and mindless Netflix binging. Two days later, I’ve yet to unpack the carefully organized suitcases. My schedule, carefully cleared for the trip, remains empty. And aside from worrying about the cat, it’s been wonderful.

I hadn’t just been working hard—I’d let work take over my life. Without it, a lot of empty space has opened up in my days. It’s been instructive, observing what has rushed in to fill it. Crushing weariness. A certain low-level melancholy. Insecurity. Snacking. Long sessions of vacant staring.

For awhile, my work has been feeling juiceless and labored. I knew why, even as I worked long, chaotic days. When you’re not living your life, you have nothing interesting to bring to your work. You’re a husk and a shell, dusty byproducts of grain that’s been harvested, soil that is depleted.

What used to fuel my creativity was time—hours of unstructured, unproductive time. I’d spend it lying on my stomach, filling notebooks with idle dreams and scribbled wishes for my future life. Some of those dreams and wishes eventually came startlingly and specifically true. All of this was long before I knew even the little I know now about magic and ritual. I thought it was all just daydreaming. I didn’t appreciate the gravitational pull of imagination.

The Sun in Taurus has made this the perfect season for languor. I’ve given myself over to it, completely, unwinding and opening up. Approaching the Full Moon in soulful, fecund, alchemical Scorpio, I long to summon new magic.

But the tiredness is something like soul-sickness, and sleep is a siren calling me farther and farther from shore. Scorpio and Pluto are the names astrologers give to the death of the ego and the wisdom of voluntarily surrendering an outmoded identity. “Who would you be if you stopped being what you are?” Scorpio whispers. I have no idea how to answer that for myself. I do know that the only way to begin to find the answer is to make space for the question.

It’s tempting to think that the answer is a new city, travel, even a new career; Venus and Mars in aspect to Uranus at this Full Moon signals a big shake-up. But Taurus and Scorpio remain firmly planted on the ground, and it’s here that this Full Moon’s struggle must be resolved. Running away and embracing new frontiers is alluring, but the spirit of adventure can’t get us very far without the Taurus/Scorpio fuel of physical stamina and soulful passion.

So these are what we need to conjure, and I think I know how. If we can find the nerve, we have to empty our cups of their last drops. We may not know where the next drink will come from, but we know that this one came from a tainted well. Only when the cup is empty can we hold it out to the universe and ask, with the bowed head of a supplicant, “Fill this, please.”

It is the Taurus season of idleness and plenty. The urge is to ask for even more beauty, more pleasure, more prosperity. But until we have successfully navigated Scorpio’s portal, asking for more is like going shopping when our arms are too full of garbage bags to carry new purchases.

So, take the garbage to the curb. Tip the last drop from the cup. Give up the thing that isn’t bringing you joy. Let yourself be empty, and let your heartbeat resonate within the cavernous space that opens up. Something new is coming. Make your life ready for it. Then unleash your imagination, and summon it.

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8 comments to " Scorpio Full Moon: Thirsty for Magic "

  • Jacqueline

    Ever feel like cats are a sort of Taurus/Scorpio portal? They always seem relaxed in the midst of drama and very centered, helping to provide comfort and stability during even the most trying times. I have felt rather destabilized since my two beloved cats passed away a few years ago (both to kidney disease about 8 months apart). We then had to move to a place too small for cats.

    I hope your cat recovers, and I hope this time alone fills your depleted wells. This post feels timely to me as I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed yet empty and searching for a new direction, or as you pointed out, searching for a feeling of vibrancy and life. I will try out your exercise of envisioning and dreaming. Certainly part of what I will wish for the future is a home where I can have cats again : )

  • As always, THANK YOU. Your writing always hits it dead on! I’ve been freeing a lot of time up lately because of reoccurring back strain. taking long afternoon naps, and lying in child’s pose covered in oil every morning. And what came to me this afternoon during my siesta is about a new way of looking at and working with magic. Then I read your article!
    Oh and thank you for the solar returns work! It is such a huge help!

  • Daryl

    Oh, yes. I unexpectedly and uncharacteristically choked up when I read the analogy of pouring the last drop from the cup filled from the tainted well. Experiencing my second Saturn return with Pluto piling on the pressure, both in my 2nd house, this is exactly where I am at the moment. The April Full Moon was agonising but I trust that something new is coming.

    And in my case, this will include a cat for the first time in a long time. 🙂

  • Gabrielle

    oh gosh April your post IS MAGIC!!!!
    I loved every word of your article and drank it up like a scorched desert.
    oh my did you hit the spot and thank you for being so darn honest with your daily life.
    I think honesty like this type of honesty, pure honesty is very rich and oh so well served up.
    Oodles of thank yous.

  • Sherry

    Just loved your article as usual, April. Eloquent and to the point at hand. Spot on. Hope all is going well with kitty. Looks like we aren’t the only ones who are weathering the storm. Great advice…I’m sure I will take it.
    Have a Blessed one, as always! 😉

  • This one deeply resonated with me. So much change, so much everything. And, I too had to take care of a sick pet this week. In my case, a bunny. Thank you for this post.

  • Denise

    You just described my life up to mid-April, when I crashed and burned. Recovering now, and yes, slept a lot this past month. Not traveling for work is helping immensely. Planning to retire end of June, but yes, that voice keeps whispering, maybe just another month or 2 or three if there is some interesting and worthwhile project.

    The question “who will I be? ” has been hovering around the edges of my mind, and I have not, as you noted, given it the necessary space to find the answer. Instead, I have been responding with fear and shooing the question away. Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious.

    Best wishes to you and yours –

  • RonjaThePigeon

    I want to echo, resoundingly, what the above commenters have already said. Your post was magic. Thank you!

    I lost two cats in the space of a few months; the first died of (very) old age, then the second basically died of grief. She went into shock when the first one died and her health spiralled down and nothing could stop the trail of illnesses. It was horrible. I wish your Bodhi full recovery, and your good self an abundant refilling of the inspirational wells.

    However, I am posting here because of one of those literal manifestations of astrological weather that so often occurs. This full moon in Scorpio coincided with the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t know how familiar you are with this fantastical annual glitterfest, but one of the favourites this year was Australia (yes, Australia. Don’t ask.) Their entry was such a complete expression of this full moon, and the essence of your above article, that I feel compelled to send you the link. It didn’t win the contest in the end (The Netherlands did) but this performance will go down in Eurohistory as one of the most magical.

    Incidentally, this full moon at Eurovision also represented the final death rattle of Madonna’s career for the hundreds of millions of viewers who witnessed her much hyped interval appearance. I haven’t checked against her chart, but even the worst of the losers from the semi finals didn’t sound or look that bad. Jaw-droppingly dreadful.

    Anyway, the UK used to have a comedy series with the catchphrase “You want the Moon on a stick!” Well here is Kate Miller Heidke, singing about her transformation from depression to recovery to the stars. Dressed as Elsa from Frozen. Sounding like Kate Bush. Accompanied by a pair of Dementors. On a giant bendy stick. It IS the full moon in Scorpio, and it is MAGIC. Please enjoy!

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