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Highlights for May 20-26, 2019: Audio version!

My regular written column will return next week! In the meantime, have a cup of coffee with me while I give a quick audio recap of the week ahead.

2 comments to " Highlights for May 20-26, 2019: Audio version! "

  • Jacqueline

    Yep totally a reader rather than a listener, but I broke my tradition of avoiding podcasts to find out how you and you kitty are doing. It was nice to hear your voice and it did feel like a cozy chat. I was very glad to hear that kitty is doing better in the short term even though the long term is not as bright. I am looking forward to reading your column in future as this is my favorite mode. Now though I have a tone of voice to add to those words so that will be nice : )

  • Nerio

    Although I am a reader I don’t dislike the recorded format. Living in a busy home (kids), I’ve found that listening is easier than reading.

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