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Episode 70 | Virgo Full Moon: The Future is Now!

Show Notes for Episode 70 (2/22/2021)

Title: 070 | Virgo Full Moon: The Future is Now!

April and Jen sashay into a Virgo Full Moon week, which includes a powerful Mars trine to Pluto, Venus entering a-musing Pisces, a chance to be noticed for your unique qualities as Venus sextiles Uranus, and Jupiter propelling us toward North Node goals. And, a meditation on the ways that Virgo’s here-and-now habits help co-create the future. Also: 10th house talk; a new non-imaginary sponsor; and, which of Jen’s dogs is the squirrel scourge of the Twin Cities?

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00:30 – We love to “link it in the show notes,” and hooray, you found them, because you’re reading them right now! To share show notes with a friend, here’s where they can find them at our website! You can also see them in your Apple Podcasts show description!

2:13 – Mars trines powerful Pluto (Feb. 24), in a cycle that began on March 22, 2020 and made three critical squares on Aug. 13, Oct. 9, and Dec. 23, 2020. If you have earth sign planets near 26 degrees, this trine can bring your work to the attention of powerful or influential people. But Mars and Pluto can also unite for nefarious purposes, and if you have planets near 26 degrees of fixed or cardinal signs, you may need to keep an eye out for comic book villains. (Here’s April’s book on Oprah Magazine’s list of the best astrology books!)

05:57 – Venus sashays (fancy!) into Pisces on Feb. 25 (through March 21), and it’s time to give ourselves over to the muses: music, dance, poetry, and literature. We think of Pisces time as the time to just let our minds go, but we must remember the past lest we be doomed to repeat it. While Venus is in Pisces, use aesthetics – the enjoyment of the senses – to fight Neptune’s tendency toward anesthetic and lethargy! Seek new pleasure in a spiritual practice.

11:11 – Faster-moving planets entering Pisces are activating a new house of your chart in advance of Jupiter’s ingress into this sign in May. Here’s a blog post to help you find the Pisces house of your chart.

13:13 – Sun sextiles Uranus (Feb. 25, 1:13 pm PST) at 7.29 Pisces/Taurus. We discussed the 60-degree opportunity aspect in Episode 16, Let’s Talk About Sextiles. Letting ourselves be noticed will bring unexpected opportunities, which is fun, although we may not be ready for all of them (Sabian symbol for Taurus: a sleigh without snow).

15:01 – Jupiter trines the North Node on Feb. 26, 2:57 pm PST. Jupiter, one of the societal planets, in revolutionary Aquarius shakes us free of our conventions so that we can pursue new ideas and experiences with a truly open mind. Jupiter’s Sabian symbol, “A watchdog standing guard,” suggests that we need a true and just sense of what’s valuable or we can get overwhelmed with a multitude of details and pieces of information. Jupiter’s assistance fulfills the North Node’s Sabian symbol, “The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker.”.

18:21 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our new non-imaginary sponsor: Tenth House Creative! Note that starting Feb. 23, 2020, they are offering a special course, “Practical Magic for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs,” a 4-week DIY to create the foundation for a soulful business and brand! (IG: @tenthhousecreative).

18:52 – A quick review of what the Tenth House is about – it’s what people perceive about you before they really know you, a house of reputation and career. April & Jen can’t hide a mutual 10th house Virgo Mars placement (we’re all about the details)!.

24:08 – **MOONWATCH ** This week brings a Full Moon on Feb. 27, 0:17 am PST at 8.57 Virgo. With so many planets in Aquarius, there’s a lot of emphasis on the future. The Full Moon emphasizes that Virgo habits we cultivate in the here and now have far-reaching consequences for the future. If you want your future to look different, start now! The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 9 Pisces is, “A jockey,” which speaks to speed, competition, and being a bit rash or sometimes premature..

26:55 – Virgo moves toward the physical, practical expression of Mercury – build, create, troubleshoot things. More deliberate, a little slower. Mercury in Aquarius brought flashes of inspiration; Mercury-ruled Gemini is very communicative. Mercury-ruled Virgo is quieter and excels at putting together; something tangible from lots of skills and information..

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