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Highlights for Feb. 22-28, 2021: The Future is Now

The Future is Now

Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone.

No false moves

As Mars in Taurus makes a trine to Pluto (Feb. 24, 2021, 5:51 pm), a resolute, steadfast sense of purpose is the best protection from Pluto’s fierce gaze. Bring your most grounded, practical, Mars in Taurus confidence to all you do today, and Pluto’s power will support and possibly elevate you. We often fall into the trap of framing Pluto in the worst possible terms, but he represents the influence and power that can be yours when you bring your most truthful, authentic self to the world. There isn’t a lot of room for false moves where Pluto is concerned – but Mars in Taurus, while it can be stubborn, is rarely false.

Cupcakes and Pepsi

Venus enters Pisces this week (Feb. 25, 2021, 5:11 am PST), where it travels through March 21. I will freely admit to a positive bias where Venus in Pisces is concerned: my mother had this Venus placement, and a dearer person never lived. She believed the best in everyone, and most of us would strive to live up to her expectations and avoid disappointing her.

But life with her also had its quirks. We grew accustomed to passing through the living room of our tiny house in the morning and encountering random, down-on-their luck acquaintances crashing on our sofa. We picked up some of her less-than-optimal financial and dietary habits, like running up credit card debt and washing down Hostess cupcakes with Pepsi…for breakfast.

Back then, I felt guilty about being a cranky, judgmental introvert who never lived up to my mother’s selfless example. But throughout my life, I’ve internalized some of her lessons—albeit with a little fine tuning. For instance, on the other side of my second Saturn return I’m much better able to control my temper and am a lot more tolerant, which would make her proud. And luckily, I’ve also managed to eliminate debt from my life and embrace oatmeal.

Traditional astrologers considered Venus in her exaltation in Pisces, meaning Venus can do some of her very best work here. We’re closest to achieving unconditional love with Venus in Pisces, most proximate to our gentlest, most generous and lovable selves. But one caveat: Venus in Pisces will make a conjunction with Neptune in this sign in a few weeks, and this emphasizes the impractical nature of both. So spend wisely, eat nutritiously, and be sure you know who’s sleeping on your couch.

Toot your own horn

The Sun is in Pisces now, and that’s a sign that’s not necessarily keen on tooting its own horn. But with the Sun sextile Uranus (Feb. 25, 2021, 1:13 pm PST) on the Sabian symbol, A girl blowing a bugle, letting yourself be noticed will bring unexpected opportunities. Some of them you may not be quite ready for; you’re still building the infrastructure you need to take advantage of them. But it’s nice to have new ideas and inspiration, and as we’ll be reminded at the Virgo Full Moon, the actions and connections we make now can come in very handy in the future.


Here’s why Jupiter in Aquarius trine North Node in Gemini (Feb. 26, 2021, 2:57 pm PST) is so helpful: Jupiter in Aquarius shakes us free of our routines and conventions so that we can pursue new ideas and experiences with a truly open mind. Ever since the North Node entered Gemini on May 4, 2020, it’s been yearning for a little help and support from the rest of the heavens to move us on a curious, questioning evolutionary path; this month, with so many planets in Gemini’s fellow air sign Aquarius, its wishes have come true.

Our dreams tend to be built to code, fashioned on what we’ve experienced and observed as possible. But as Jupiter trines the North Node, forget what’s possible – let your mind off its leash, and see if it can imagine an impossible and captivating future.

The future is now

If you could go back in time and change one thing about your habits in order to improve your quality of life today, what would you change? (I definitely would have cut out the soda habit that led to a life of costly and painful dental procedures!)

This week’s Virgo Full Moon (Feb. 27, 2021, 0:17 am PST) falls on the Sabian symbol 9 Virgo, A man making a futuristic drawing. With so many planets in Aquarius this month, there’s a lot of emphasis on the future – something that has been difficult to imagine the longer the pandemic stretches on. But what does the future have to do with practical, here-and-now Virgo? Easy: the daily Virgo habits you cultivate today have far-reaching consequences for your future. With the Full Moon and Sun both in good aspect to Uranus, there could hardly be a better planetary lineup for healthy change!

Writing and collages © 2021 April Elliott Kent

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