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Episode 51 | Libra New Moon: Symmetry, Schmemmetry!

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 51 (10/12/2020)

051 | Libra New Moon: Symmetry Schmemmetry!

April & Jen gird themselves for a rocky Libra New Moon week, as the Sun’s strained relations with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto bring longstanding grievances to a tipping point; Mercury turns retrograde; relationships get a Venus/Neptune reality check; and the last of three Jupiter/Neptune aspects offers a time-out and a bubble bath. Plus: is “Ted Lasso” April and Jen’s new “Repair Shop”??

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00:30 – Jupiter has placed the welcome mat at your co-hosts’ front doors! April & Jen kick off the episode with some Jupiter/Neptune ideas to get you through the week: Meditate, read a good book, practice yoga, take a healthy (online) class… and listen to an astrology podcast!

03:44 – A third and final Jupiter/Neptune aspect on October 12 is a rare bright spot in a week full of conflict. The Sabian symbol for Jupiter 19 at Capricorn is, “A child of about five with a huge shopping bag.” Neptune is on 19 Pisces, “A master instructing his pupil.” With a 60° difference, the sextile aspect grabs our attention with something shiny and new. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Raise your hand if you’re ready! (To hear more about the Jupiter/Neptune sextile, listen to Episode 12, Mercury Retrograde: Where Are My Pants?)

08:22 – Behold, brave and beautiful Mars in the evening sky! On October 13, the Sun at 22 Libra on the Sabian symbol “A child giving birds a drink at a fountain” peers across the cosmos at Mars retrograde (Rx) in Aries at “The gate to the garden of desire.” Mars’s Rx journey has brought us a lesson in delayed gratification; now we pause at the gate as the Sun asks, “How about helping out others who don’t have what they need?” This cycle began in September 2019, and the first chapter of the story was June 2020 (found in Episode 29, Neptune Washing Over All, and the US Pluto Return).

12:17 – Mercury turns Rx at 11°40 Scorpio on October 13 on the symbol, “An embassy ball.” The planet that rules communication and the US Postal Service will be Rx until it stations… wait for it!… on the US Election Day (Nov. 3)! How’s that for timing?! The last time Mercury stood still in the sky on Election Day was in the year 2000, in an election decided by the Supreme Court. (Episode 12, Mercury Retrograde: Where Are My Pants? is always a good review, or try Episode 14, Retrograde Minds, Cazimi Hearts, Can’t Lose.)

15:39 – The Sun squares Pluto on October 15 on 23 Libra, “Chanticleer”; speak clearly, using your voice to get word out. Pluto is on 23 Capricorn – where he met with Saturn back in January – “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.” It’s important now to recognize the bravery and the struggle in ourselves and others. How do we affirm life and joy while also acknowledging darkness? Know the limits of your personal strength and power, yet keep fighting for the things that you believe in that make the world a better place. (To review the Saturn/Pluto meet-up, go to Episode 8: Saturn and Pluto Need a Party, Episode 7: Saturn & Pluto Go to The Repair Shop, Episode 6: Saturn & Pluto Eat More Crunchy Things.)

18:55 – ** MOONWATCH! ** This week’s Libra New Moon (Oct. 16) lands on the Sabian symbol 24 Libra, “A third wing on the left side of a butterfly.” Ooo… do Librans dislike that asymmetry? This lunation is charged up by a challenging T-square configuration; to relax, turn to homey Cancerian activities: Time at home with family (as if we can do otherwise!), baking, playing with your pets.

22:11 – Venus opposes Neptune during this New Moon (keep reading for deets!) and asks: Do we really know the people we’re in relationship with? Do we know what’s valuable? Do we know our worth? The veil lifts for a moment… what do you see? (And learn more by signing up for April’s lecture for the upcoming Breaking Down the Borders online conference.)

25:20 – The Sun in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn (Oct. 18) at 26 Libra, “An eagle and a large white dove turning one into the other.” Interesting to have a bird of prey and bird of peace trying to be more like each other; this is one way of creating balance! This is a cycle that began in January. (For more on that conjunction, review Episode 8, Saturn and Pluto Need a Party.)

28:01 – Venus opposes Neptune (Oct. 18) on 19 Virgo, “A swimming race.” Neptune is on 19 Pisces, “A master instructing his pupil.” Someone is coaching us from the sidelines as we pursue something we value. We hope this coach is a lot like Ted Lasso! Ponder this: How can you play a more supportive and encouraging role for others? This is a story that began January 27. (To learn more, check out Episode 10: Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day.)

30:25 – Are we in the home stretch over the next couple months? Something… different… is coming. The good news is that Saturn in Aquarius describes a time of rebuilding community. How can you connect with those who share your interests and reconnect with people you love?

32:09 – We’re saving Mars square Jupiter for next week! Hang tight!

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