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Episode 11 | Saturn Returns We’ve Known and “Loved”


011 | Saturn Returns We’ve Known and Loved

As April faces down her second Saturn return, we explore these important astrological rites of passage, as well as how astrocartography can help you find your place in the world. Plus, this week in the Big Sky: Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aries, and a Leo Full Moon that reeks of Neptune – complete with disillusionment and drunken chickens. All in under thirty minutes!

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00:37 –Check out April’s observations on astro*carto*graphy in this Shape magazine article! A shout-out, too, to BSA pal and astrolocality whiz Ralph MacIntyre. And a warm welcome to any new listeners who found the BSA podcast this way. 😊

03:05 – Using astro*carto*graphy, April suspects that when she lives in Minneapolis, she might have a Scorpio rising sign. [“Ascendant confirmed. Relocation confirmed only by Jen.” ~ April]

04:19 – Mercury enters Pisces on February 3rd, and like a fish out of water, he’s in the sign of his detriment. Be forewarned: He’s retrograde beginning February 17th. Still, we could all stand to emulate Fred Rogers in our communication style; and in the cartoon thought balloon of Jen’s imagination, this Mercury sports a cardigan and comfy slippers. (Though we suspect the trickster will complete his ensemble with a hat like this

08:31 – Venus enters Aries on February 7th, and although Venus is in her detriment here, April convinces Jen that this can be a courtly and romantic placement – though Venus in Aries will always be Wonder Woman (or maybe Captain Marvel!) to Jen.

11:54 – ***Moonwatch!** A Full Moon on February 8/9 (click this link for time and date in your city) at 20 degrees Leo is on the Sabian symbol (see Episode 7) “Intoxicated chickens,” with the Sun on the opposite, less buoyant, but surprisingly related degree symbol. And here is the article about inebriated Minnesotan birds. You’re welcome.

15:18 – Talk of drunken chickens prompts April to wax nostalgic over a recipe from her pre-vegan days. And to French speakers yelling, “Tu ne peux pas parler français!” throughout this segment, we offer a sheepish “Pardonnez-nous!

15:50 – Nothing stands in the way of the truth being shown, as this Full Moon is trine Mars in Sag.

16:43 – April hears the SATURN RETURN train a comin’! Hop aboard and learn about this important transit at ages 29 and 58, when Saturn in the current sky returns to its position in your birth chart. As April faces her second Saturn return, BSA is having its first (aw… ❤). How are the first and second Saturn returns similar and different? April and Jen reminisce about their own Saturnine experiences. Ask yourself: Is *this* how you want your life to look? If not, the cosmic principal will call you to his office to tell you, “You’re responsible for you, my friend.”

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Length: 29:20

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