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Episode 20 | Libra Full Moon: A Magic Carpet Ride


020 | Libra Full Moon: A Magic Carpet Ride

April and Jen parse this week’s intense Libra Full Moon, contemplate how to use this week’s innovative Mars/Uranus aspect to rethink how you’re doing things, and explore why Mercury entering Aries says it’s okay to think about yourself a bit. This Full Moon highlights Jen’s own birth Moon in a big way, prompting a mini-lesson on Lunar Returns… happy birthday, Moon! Plus: Hobnobbing about old-timey TV, spinning the Wheel of Fortune, and doing a feelings-check…because it’s a very lunar kinda week.

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00:47 – Do you prefer The Twilight Zone in black-and-white or color? Of course Schitt’s Creek is always colorful!

01:37 – How are April & Jen doing? And hey, how are you doing? Perhaps you’d like to watch a timeless Brené Brown video. Or peruse these free practices, resources, and articles regarding the pandemic. And to hear techniques for staying in the moment, listen to Episode 18.

07:11 – ** Moonwatch** Here comes the Full Moon at 18.44 Libra (April 7), where much is revealed about our relationships! The Sabian symbol for 19 Libra is “the magic carpet” (Take me away!) while the Sun is at 19 Aries, “a gang of robbers in hiding.” (Jen pictures this movie, which she urges you to watch in the original B&W – not color!) This Full Moon squares Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, which feels… like a lot. How will you get your life back in balance at this time?

11:11 – The Full Moon also squares the Lunar Eclipse point from January 10. You’ll want to review eclipse season midpoint info on >Episode 19 (Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up?), or go all the way back to Episode 5 (Unboxing Eclipses) to learn about the Lunar Nodes and eclipses.

13:48 – Uranus stationed on the same day as the January Lunar Eclipse, and it is squaring Mars on the same day as this Full Moon. Also, Saturn entered Aquarius last week and is gearing up to square Uranus in Taurus. Has anyone noticed the growing tension between restrictions and freedoms? It will show up in relationships this week, too.

15:35 – Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus (also April 7). This is a mix of “I want action!” with “unpredictable results.” Proceed with caution. This is the closing chapter of a story that began February 2019, and it winds down January 2021.

20:23 – Mercury (finally!) peels off his Pisces bathing trunks and signs up to run a 5K, entering Aries on April 10. Just the facts, please!

21:20 – New to the BSA podcast? When planets move into new signs, they change mood and quality. You know… that yin yang stuff! (Apologies to Jen’s friends who actually know Traditional Chinese Medicine! Her qi was off that day.)

24:06 – Mercury squares the Lunar Nodes on April 11/12 and asks, “What about me?”. The nodes are getting ready to move into Gemini/Sagittarius, but first they’re finishing up their journey in Cancer/Capricorn. Oh, and info on the nodes lives here: Episode 5 (Unboxing Eclipses).

26:15 – With cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) emphasized, the Wheel of Fortune is spinning this week. (April gets to be Vanna!)

27:56 – A mini-lesson on Lunar Returns! It’s like your little-bitty Luna-versary: Each month, the Moon meets up with the patch of sky that the Moon was in, on the day we were born. It’s your Moon birthday! Where and how will you fill your empty cup over the next 28 days? (To hear all about Saturn Returns, go to Episode 11 (Saturn Returns We’ve Known and “Loved”).

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