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Episode 28 | Eclipses and Nodes: Why be Mean when you can be True?

028 | Eclipses and Nodes: Why be Mean when you can be True?

April and Jen bring you the scoop on this week’s Venus/Mars showdown, its Sun/Mars showdown, and the first of three eclipses over what promises to be one heck of a 6-week eclipse season. Also: A mini-lesson on Mean vs. True Lunar Nodes. Plus: a celebration of two dazzling, Gemini-kissed individuals who help us bring you the BSA Podcast each week!

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01:45 – April & Jen give a shout-out to their transcriptionist, Joel at Poised Consult, and to Emily at Gemini Moon Social Media, who helps out with social media promotion. Both of our helpers have space in their schedules for more work!

04:22 – Venus is moving backwards in Gemini, and squares Mars in Pisces on June 2. There is tension between what we want and how we are going to get it. Venus is on the Sabian symbol “Two Dutch children talking;” are the people around you speaking your language? And Mars’s symbol, “An officer preparing to drill his men,” gives April an opportunity to mention Bob Ross. Again.

08:26 – The next day, Venus joins up with the Sun in Gemini in an inferior conjunction. Here’s a beautiful video of what Venus dancing across the face of the Sun looks like. Wow! Look where 13 degrees Gemini is in your chart. How are you relating to others, and to yourself? A theme is likely playing out in your life related to this. The Sabian symbol is “A conversation by telepathy,” which speaks to conversations of the heart..

12:04 – ** Moonwatch**! It’s eclipse week! A Full Moon lunar eclipse happens at 15°34’ Sagittarius (June 5). This eclipse begins an 18.5-month journey of eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini. This eclipse is the first of three that we have over the next six weeks. (Here is an eclipse path map.) The most recent eclipse in this series was June 4, 2012… what can you remember from that time, especially with regards to relationships? And hey, curious about what area of your life the eclipse is happening in? Here’s how to find where the eclipse falls in your chart. Or, order your Followed by a Moonshadow eclipse report, which is based on your personal birth chart! Or, schedule a reading with April. And, you might like to review Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses. So many options!.

18:19 – The Sabian symbol for the eclipsed Moon is 16 Sagittarius, Seagulls watching a ship. The Sun is on 16 Gemini, A woman suffragist orating. Speaks to issues around getting what you need, and balancing that with speaking out, conversing, communicating..

22:08 – The Sun at 16°31’ Gemini makes its opening square to Mars in Pisces (June 6). This brings us back to September 2, 2019, as this chapter began. The Sun’s Sabian symbol points to thinking things through, and Mars is on a more impulsive symbol; together, they symbolize how we use our minds to deal with conflict and anger..

27:00 – The Lunar Nodes: Mean vs. True? April gives a mini-lesson. Because, learning..

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