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Episode 27 | The Amazing Disappearing Venus & Cancer’s Flavor of the Day


027 | The Amazing Disappearing Venus, & Cancer’s “Flavor of the Day”

April and Jen track Mercury as he judges a beauty pageant, then enters absorbent, flavor-of-the-day Cancer. There’s a dynamic First Quarter Moon in Virgo on some provocative Sabian symbols. And Venus disappears into the underworld, prompting a discussion of Venus’s hide-and-seek cycle and her role in the June 5 lunar eclipse. Relationships much? Plus: Milwaukee frozen custard, milk in the fridge, birthdays, weddings, and somebody impersonates Tom Jones!

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01:18 – April and Jen discuss why Memorial Day week is significant to them. Hint: Birthday cake and Jordan almonds are involved.

04:24 – Let’s start with Mercury diving into private, intuitive, warm, self-protective Cancer (May 28), since Cancer is a patriotic sign. If you’re interested, here is the Sibley chart for the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the USA. What’s New Pussycat?: Mercury will turn retrograde in Cancer on June 17!

09:41 – Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon changes signs every 2.5 days. So when planets pass through Cancer, do they take on whatever “flavor of the day” the Moon is passing through? Find out about today’s Moon on the BSA home page. Or sign up for April’s newsletter (free!) and you’ll get a complimentary “Working with the Moon” e-book every month, which tells you where the Moon is every day.

12:05 – Before Mercury leaves Gemini, though, he visits with the North Node of the Moon. The Sabian symbol for 30 Gemini is, “Bathing beauties.” What is society’s view of beauty? What is your view of beauty? Try looking below the surface, to see what is beautiful for you. And since Mercury is oftentimes a messenger, keep an eye out around May 27 to see if something comes into your life and gives you this message.

14:19 – Venus, currently an evening star, becomes invisible and goes into the underworld on May 28. Then she emerges on June 9/10 as a morning star. In the middle of this journey, on June 3, Venus joins up with the Sun. April gives a little lesson on the Venus star point in your birth chart. Watch the gorgeous dance of the Earth and Venus around the Sun. And do check out Dana Gerhardt’s Venus report and Arielle Guttman’s book. Plus, here’s an interesting article on Venus from Mary Plumb at The Mountain Astrologer.

20:40 – ** Moonwatch**! The First Quarter Moon (May 29) is at 9°11’ Virgo, so it’s time to get moving with the things you were thinking about at the New Moon last week… though with so many planets in mutable signs it’s hard to know what direction to go! The Moon sits on the Sabian symbol, “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows” and into the future. And the Sun is on the symbol, “An airplane falling.” Or is it just landing? Hmmm…

26:02 – The summer eclipses arrive next week, with a South Node lunar eclipse! First, review Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses. Then, order your one-of-a-kind Followed by a Moonshadow eclipse report, which is based on your personal birth chart! Finally, April is offering a FREE WEBINAR on eclipses on May 30 at 10 am Pacific time. Make sure that you’re on April’s mailing list, because subscribers will get details about the webinar and the chance to get a copy of the recording, if you’re unable to attend the event live.

29:09 – And speaking of eclipses… Venus passes over 15 degrees Gemini on May 31, which is opposite the eclipse degree of 15 Sagittarius. This is part of an unfolding story around relationships. Look back to June of 2012 to see a previous chapter in this story. Do you have unfinished business around this theme?

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    Hi, thank you so much for another brilliant podcast. Regarding the flavour of the day with Mercury in Cancer I would like to add I have the Moony the informative moon calendar app on my phone that tells me every day where the moon is and what are the favourable activities and more. I absolutely love it, so I thought I would share this information with you!

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