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Episode 229 | Aries Solar Eclipse: The Power of Giving!

Episode 229 | Aries Solar Eclipse: The Power of Giving!

This week, the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse asks us how we can be of service to others; Mars makes a conjunction with Saturn, demanding discipline and commitment; the Sun makes a conjunction with Mercury; and April answers a listener question about Chiron in the chart of the solar eclipse. Plus: Time out, drilling the troops, and pregnant with promise!

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[1:12] Moon Report! The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse (April 8, 11:21 am PDT) is at 19º24’ Aries, on the Sabian symbol A young girl feeding birds in winter.

[1:57] The placement of 19º24’ Aries in your birth chart shows the area of life where you may be shaken up. Give to others, but don’t forget what’s important to you. Check out this TedTalk about 365Give.

[4:54] This eclipse, conjoined Mercury retrograde and Chiron, has a strong connection with the past. Look back to the solar eclipses on April 8, 2005 and April 9, 1986 for connections to current themes.

[6:34] This New Moon initiates a Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC). The First Quarter of this LPFC is on Jan. 6, 2025; the Full Moon, on Oct. 6, 2025; and the Last Quarter, on July 7th, 2026.

[8:08] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods for this week. On April 8 (7:39 pm PDT), the Moon in Aries conjoins retrograde Mercury. It’s VOC for about 8 ¾ hours, then enters Taurus on April 9 (4:23 am PDT). Feelings and instincts catch up with thoughts and cognition.

[10:06] On April 11 (3:04 am PDT), the Moon in Taurus sextiles Neptune. It’s VOC for a little under three hours, then enters Gemini (5:58 am PDT). Establish practical daily routines that support Neptune’s intuition and imagination.

[11:06] On April 13 (7:46 am PDT), the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune. It’s VOC for about 3 hours, then enters Cancer (10:45 am PDT). Do you tend to think your feelings rather than feeling them? What kind of changes might you make to bring that into a better balance?

[12:12] On April 10 (1:36 pm PDT), Mars makes a conjunction with Saturn at 14º40’ Pisces. This is on the Sabian symbol 15 Pisces, An officer preparing to drill his troops. This coincides with the very important Mars-ruled eclipse. Are you prepared to give up some of your personal autonomy in order to serve something bigger than yourself?

[16:01] Mercury conjoins the Sun on April 11 (4:03 pm PDT) at 22º32’ Aries. The Sabian symbol for the conjunction is 23 Aries, a pregnant woman in light summer dress. Mercury’s cazimi moment, so close to the Sun, is pregnant with promise, and a big project that’s been gestating is ready to be revealed.

[17:58] Listener Anna asks about Chiron in the chart of the April 8th Solar Eclipse.

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