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Episode 228 | Venus in Aries: What’s New?

Episode 228 | Venus in Aries: What’s New?

This week, Mercury stations retrograde for a three-week backward march through Aries; Venus enters take-no-prisoners Aries and connects with Neptune and Pluto; the Capricorn Last Quarter Moon asks for a progress report; and April answers a couple of listener questions about composite charts and being born on a Void-of-Course Moon. Plus: A pep talk, feeling what you feel, and…what does Violet want?

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[1:16] Mercury stations retrograde on April 1 (3:14 pm PDT, through April 25) at 27º13’ Aries on the Sabian symbol 28 Aries, A large disappointed audience. Please yourself, not the large disappointed audience-because someone’s always going to be disappointed with anything we do.

[3:50] Moon Report! Starting with the Capricorn Last Quarter Moon (April 1, 8:15 pm PDT), 12º52’ Capricorn-Aries. Evaluate the progress made since March 10’s Pisces New Moon but try not to beat yourself up over missed marks.

[6:12] This is the Last Quarter in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC) that began on Jan. 2, 2022, with a New Moon at 12º20’ Capricorn. The First Quarter of this LPFC was on Oct. 2, 2022, and the Full Moon on July 3, 2023. How are you doing now with what you set out to do at that New Moon?

[8:20] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods. On April 2 (10:40 pm PDT), the Moon in Capricorn sextiles Neptune. It’s VOC for about 3 ½ hours and enters Aquarius on April 3 (2:08 am PDT). This VOC period gives the invitation to work hard and keep to a schedule.

[9:17] On April 4 (10:40 pm PDT), the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Mercury in Aries. It’s VOC for about 5 ½ hours, then enters Pisces on April 5 (4:13 am PDT). Look for people in your circle who are really good coaches or give yourself a pep talk.

[10:24] On April 7 (1:27 am PDT), the Moon in Pisces conjoins Neptune. It’s VOC for about three hours, then enters Aries (4:25 am PDT). Let yourself remember your dreams, feel what you feel, and don’t get in the habit of shutting things down emotionally when it gets too intense.

[11:55] Venus conjuncts Neptune on April 3 (6:10 am PDT) at 28º00’ Pisces, on the Sabian symbol, 28 Pisces, A fertile garden under the Full Moon. Yearning for the unknown; avoid making major purchases.

[13:20] The Sun conjuncts the Moon’s North Node (April 4, 3:10 pm PDT), at 15º37’ Aries. Let’s consider this the preview to the big solar eclipse that’s coming on April 8, 2024. What do you really want in your life moving forward, symbolized by the North Node, and how can you get there?

[14:38] On April 4 (9:00 pm PDT), Venus enters Aries, a sign of her detriment, through April 29, 2024. Exercise; enjoy competition. What excites Venus in Aries is the feeling that a relationship is new, even if it’s been going on for years.

[17:07] Venus sextiles Pluto on April 6 (10:45 am PDT) at 01°56’ Aries and Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for Venus is 2 Aries, A comedian entertaining a group; for Pluto, 2 Aquarius, An unexpected thunderstorm. Engage others in a way that’s more persuasive than demanding.

[19:58] Listener Kerrie asks about Composite charts. For a review on synastry, check out Episodes 127, 206 and 219. Composite charts use the birth charts of two or more people to create a third chart that symbolizes the relationship. Recommended reading: Planets in Composite by Rob Hand. If you calculate your composite chart on, April prefers the option “composite chart midpoint method.”

[24:09] Listener Pam asks about being born under a Void-of-Course Moon.

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Writing and images © 2017-24 by April Elliott Kent

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