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Episode 231 | Scorpio Full Moon: What’s Under the Surface?

Episode 231 | Scorpio Full Moon: What’s Under the Surface!

This week, the Scorpio Full Moon digs under the surface and doesn’t shy away from what it finds there; Mercury turns direct – a more Aries-friendly direction; Mars conjoins Neptune, jettisoning what won’t be needed when it enters its home sign of Aries; and April answers a listener question about emerging techniques or tools by discussing a current favorite, which is not exactly emerging, but sure is useful. Plus: A Hellenistic superstar, a fuddy-duddy, and your brother’s neighbor’s pet pig.

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[1:08] Moon Report! The Scorpio Full Moon (April 23, 4:49 pm PDT, 04º17’ Scorpio) squares Pluto in Aquarius, forming a tense yet motivating T-square configuration. This Full Moon calls back to the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 13, 2023. Unless we clear the decks for new things, we won’t have the space for appropriate things in our lives to grow.

[4:34] This is also the Full Moon in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC) that began Oct. 25, 2022 with a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2° Scorpio. The First Quarter Moon in this cycle is on July 25, 2023, the Last Quarter on Jan. 21, 2025. How to can we live a life that’s more authentic?

[6:04] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. On April 22 (4:24 pm PDT), the Moon in Libra opposes Venus in Aries. It’s VOC for almost 16 hours (!) before it enters Scorpio on April 23 (8:20 am PDT). Balance the need to please with the need to pursue what you want and value.

[7:02] On April 25 (4:17 pm PDT), the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune. It’s VOC for about 2 ¼ hours, then enters Sagittarius (6:36 pm PDT). Appreciate and cherish the Scorpio qualities of loyalty and honesty.

[7:44] On April 28 (12:31 am PDT), the Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune. It’s VOC for just under three hours, then enters Capricorn (2:37 am PDT). This is when the story of what we believe can prevent us from imagining what could be.

[8:44] On April 25 (5:54 am PDT), Mercury stations direct at 15º58’ Aries, on the Sabian symbol, 16 Aries, Brownies dancing in the setting Sun. Mercury turned retrograde on April 1, 2024. Respond to burnout by slowing down a bit.

[11:12] Mars makes a conjunction with Neptune on April 28 (9:31 pm PDT) at 28º52’ Pisces on the Sabian symbol 29 Pisces, The light passing through a prism. Confusion and difficulty focusing could occur at this time; get grounded with a meditative jaunt by the water, luxuriate in a bubble bath and daydream to your favorite tunes.

[15:18] Listener Argyle asks April about her favorite Astro techniques and tools. April gives a mini-lesson on derivative houses. Hellenistic superstar, Vettius Valens, mentioned derivative houses in his work. No permission required from your brother’s neighbor’s pet pig!

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  • Rachel

    Love this mini lesson on derivative houses! Sounds like a great way to extrapolate and for the client to consider approaches and actions that are true to themselves.

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