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Eclipse Midpoints: Kickin’ up dust

Just when the dust had finally settled from last March’s eclipses, along come this month’s lunations to kick it up again.

On June 11, the Full Moon at 20.41 Sagittarius formed a feisty square to last March 14’s lunar eclipse point (at 24 Virgo). And on June 25, the New Moon at 3.58 Cancer squares the solar eclipse point at (8 Aries) last March 29.

Eclipses tend to briefly grab our attention twice each year, at six month intervals, when the eclipses actually happen. But like all astrological events, eclipses are part of larger cycles and represent not just solitary moments in our lives, but ongoing processes. Eclipses themselves are ground zero of a pivotal turning point in your life; but the midpoints in the cycle, when the New and Full Moons reach the 90 degree mark between the year’s eclipse points, are turning points within turning points.

The March eclipses fell in my 10th and 5th houses, and I certainly felt ambitious, determined to succeed, and full of creative zeal. This September’s eclipses (at 15 Pisces and 29 Virgo) fall in my 4th and 10th houses. So it feels as if this year is the opening salvo in a critical career/domestic campaign that will unfold over the next couple of years, as the cycle of eclipses churns through this axis of my chart and I ruthlessly advance my goal of world domination! (Cue diabolical laughter.)

Eclipses are agents of change; who knows where I’ll be living and working two years from now, when they are done with me and these parts of my life. But this month, with the New and Full Moons highlighting the more intimate, collaborative areas of my chart, I’m reminded that interpersonal relationships are an integral part of my story. The people close to me have needs and goals that – imagine! – sometimes have nothing to do with my own! So, I can proceed entirely according to my own timetables and objectives – some of the most successful people do. But time for myself, and energy for those closest to me, would be the casualties of that approach.

Well, that’s where we are this month. Preoccupied with a couple of areas of life, to the possible detriment of a couple others. Integration and compromise would appear to be the keys to sanity and success. That, and a good dust mask.

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