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Beatin’ the Drum

My friend Simone has just posted a wonderful essay for the Gemini New Moon:

“You could have 99 things going wrong in your life and one thing going right,” says Abraham, “and if you would beat the drum of that one thing going right, the other 99 would either have to go away, or improve, because the Law of Attraction cannot abide in your vibration something that does not match.”

According to Abraham, if you don’t have something you want, it’s because you aren’t energetically aligned with it. Conversely, if you have something in your life you don’t want, it’s because you are in energetic alignment with it. Here’s the formula for changing your attraction: 1st) Get clarity about what you want; 2nd) Align your energy with it, and 3rd) Commit to receiving it and it will be yours. (read the full article)

Ain’t it the truth? Today, for instance, I was supposed to align my energy with an article I needed to finish. Instead, the Law of Attraction magnetized a visit from friends and a big bag of lime-flavored Tostitos, accompanied by a refreshing margarita. I’m pretty sure that’s not the drum I was supposed to be beating, but now that I’m sitting at the computer, perhaps it will summon a very entertaining article.