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Astrology for Sept. 19-25, 2022: The Magic of the Sun in Fall

The Magic of the Sun in Fall

Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone.


There are lots of ways to wake up. Some involve jarring, blaring alarm clocks or earthquakes. Others involve a lovable pet who wants breakfast, or a snuggly, amorous partner who wants you.

I point this out because Venus, the planet of money and partners, is trine Uranus, planet of awakening and unexpected events this week (Sep. 19, 2022, 9:44 pm PDT), and that can sound a little scary. But the aspect between them is a harmonious trine, which sounds more like a kitten jumping up on a bed than an earthquake. You may see pleasant developments in your personal relationships, as you and your partner rediscover the spark that brought you together. Or there may be a financial windfall (or, admittedly, an unexpected setback), since Venus also rules money. But if you responded to the creative wake-up call of Venus square Uranus last month, this should be the moment when those actions begin to bear fruit.

The Magic of Fall

This week brings one of the year’s seasonal turning points as the Sun enters Libra (Sep. 22, 2022, 6:04 pm PDT). Traditionally, the Sun is considered weak – in its “fall” – in Libra. This only means that the Sun’s work – the realization of one’s individual genius and soul power – can be difficult to manage in a sign that’s specifically designed for partnership.

On the other hand, we learn things about ourselves in relationships that can’t be learned any other way. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a creative collaborator, or a dear friend, we’ll feel most alive sharing the shortening days with a companion. If we’re alone, it’s a time to make a conscious effort to reach out to others in whatever way we can. In Libra’s season, our personal Sun shines brightest in the company of others.

There is a soothing, romantic quality to Libra’s season; it’s a relief to lay down the burden of the Sun’s zealous self-discovery. Even the world itself seems lovelier. When the Sun is in this sign in Northern Hemisphere’s autumn, its light rests warmly, gently, on the fall trees changing color, the straw bales in the field, the newly-picked apples in bushel baskets. It’s a time of magic, when the softness of the light makes strangers more attractive, and the crispness of the air makes us long for the warmth of another’s arms.

Made Perfect

On September 22nd, Mercury makes its inferior conjunction with the Sun at 11:50 PM Pacific Time, at 0°14′ Libra, on the Sabian symbol 1 Libra: A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it. A conjunction on this ingress point gives it a lot of power. The symbol’s image brings to mind a a collection of butterflies that are pinned to a backing and then framed. It holds the idea of preserving our values, our mores, our ideals static in time.

At the moment of its conjunction with the Sun, Mercury is in the condition we call cazimi. It’s considered exceptionally powerful and suggests a deep clarity in the matters ruled by Mercury. Clarity has been in short supply lately with Mercury first stationing retrograde and now moving retrograde. And any time Mercury conjoins the Sun can be a little bit rough for objectivity, as we’re inclined then to see things the way our ego wants to see them. But this is a moment when the smoke clears, and it’s possible to see what’s kind, civilized, and fair.

Everyday Extraordinary

Peer through a microscope at something ordinary. Removed from its larger context, something like pollen or cells taken from your cheek becomes art. You lose the bigger picture as you zoom in, but isn’t it amazing to see its individual components in such detail?

Mercury, the planet of perception, is retrograde – or inward-facing – as it re-enters Virgo (Sep. 23, 2022, 5:04 am PDT) and puts on its magnifying glass. What did you overlook when Mercury was in this neighborhood of Virgo the first time, around August 21-26? Take a closer look. While Mercury is in this detail-loving sign (through October 10), the everyday becomes extraordinary.

Believing the Best

We want to believe the best about the people we love.  But no one is perfect, however much we love them. And this week’s Venus opposition to Neptune (Sep. 24, 2022, 1:51 am PDT) prompts us to consider whether we can still love those closest to us even after we see what isn’t so lovely about them.

Even if your relationships are doing just fine, this aspect can reveal uncomfortable truths about our basic values. Our politics, figures of inspiration, our approach to earning and managing money… any of these can suddenly be revealed as naïve or wrong-headed.

Venus moves quickly, so this transit has only a glancing influence, no more than a couple of days. But if Neptune has been leaning on planets in your chart around 23-24 degrees of Pisces or Virgo, this transit could trigger a larger shift in how and whom you cherish. Walking away is not always the right response to disillusionment. But sometimes, it’s the only one.

Everything Changed

At the New Moon, folklore suggests we sow seeds of intention in a specific area of life. The New Moon in Libra (Sep. 25, 2022, 2:54 pm PDT, at 2º24 Libra) initiates a new lunar cycle connected with relating. Whether you’re wishing to find a romance, trying to mend fences with a relative, negotiating a business connection, or hoping for a renewal of your marriage commitment, this is the New Moon for planting those seeds.

This New Moon, at 2º48 Libra, is on the extraordinary Sabian symbol 3 Libra: The dawn of a new day, everything changed. The New Moon point is opposed Jupiter and trine Pluto; those significant others who didn’t share your desire for a larger life have fallen away, and those who are left connect to you on a deep, soulful level (trine Pluto). It’s a new day, indeed, and everything has changed. The landscape that remains is a little bit barren, but you can trust what’s left. With the New Moon point in opposition to Jupiter and trine Pluto, the opportunity is coming to receive loving abundance and abundant loving – but they must be gained on your own terms.


Here’s why I love the desert: it’s so empty, and the sky is so big, that I feel free to do and be anything. I love my creature comforts, and my real life is filled with beloved possessions. But there’s no question that “stuff” weighs us down in many ways, as we pay for it, store it, and maintain it. It’s probably a common fantasy to think of chucking it all and starting over someplace new, with a big, empty slate and limitless possibilities.

There comes a time when even cherished possessions have outlived their usefulness. The emotional connections they represent may need to be released, or we simply want to lighten our load for the journey ahead. As Venus trines Pluto (Sep. 25, 2022, 10:46 pm PDT) this week, don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden desire to get rid of things and create more space for yourself. Pluto is on the Sabin symbol 27 Capricorn, A mountain pilgrimage; it’s a lot easier to climb a mountain if you’re not weighed down by too much baggage.

Writing and collages © 2017-2022 April Elliott Kent

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