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Yikes! and, counting my blessings.

Maybe it was that Venus/Pluto square on Sunday, but man, the woe that has befallen my friends! Since Saturday, I’ve heard from one friend who was injured in a car accident; another who got terrible news about a family member’s health; one who lost a beloved pet over the weekend; and yet another who is on the verge of emotional collapse over a failed relationship.

My life ain’t perfect, but I feel pretty lucky at the moment, I can tell you.

In fact, the past few days have been particuarly pleasant in Aprilworld. Caught up with an old student and friend from my Los Angeles days on Saturday, then had a great Thai dinner downtown with another pal. Sang with my trio at a friend’s church on Sunday evening, then cut out to catch David Wilcox in concert at the church where I rent my office. God, that guy is amazing; an insightful lyricist and amazing guitarist, with a marvelous, smokey voice. I’ve adored his music since I first heard his song “Language of the Heart” on KTWV in Los Angeles, a lifetime ago.

Now, that’s a guy with a splendid career. He travels the country in an Airstream trailer with his wife and son, playing in intimate venues before crowds of incredibly devoted fans. It’s the kind of career I might have aspired to myself, years ago, before I largely gave up music. Watching Wilcox perform the other night gave me the first twinge of anything approaching regret that I’ve ever had about giving up that particular path. Not serious regrets – I love writing and astrology – but a twinge of melancholy, perhaps.

But it would be completely unseemly for me to feel melancholy this week, wouldn’t it, with lots of fun work on my desk, a dear spouse, great cats, a cozy house, and good health. The path not taken could have been marvelous, but the one I’m on looks pretty damn good right now. Consider my blessings duly counted.