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“Where’s my Progressed Moon?”

dreamstime_5738951_fullmooncloudThe Progressed Moon moves about 1 degree each month and covers a sign of the zodiac in about 2.5 years, completing an entire lap of the horoscope in roughly 28 years. Its current sign and house placements point to the areas of great focus and strong emotional engagement for you now.

The Moon symbolizes the rhythm and minutiae of daily life, so the Progressed Moon tells us which matters are likely to consume your day-to-day existence (the Progressed Moon’s house) and the style in which you’ll approach them (the Progressed Moon’s sign). When the Progressed Moon makes an aspect to a planet in your birth chart, the matters ruled by that planet are drawn into your daily life for a two-month period (one month approaching the exact aspect, one month separating from it) so that you can immerse yourself in its particular concerns.

Here’s a quick video that walks you through finding your Progressed Moon using the free chart service at AstroDienst!

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1 comment to " “Where’s my Progressed Moon?” "

  • Rachel

    So you don’t use the progressed chart when determining what house the moon is in?
    Right now it’s moving through my 9th house when doing progressed to natal but I feel like I’ve been going through heavy 8th House issues as well as some 9th house. Can both be felt? Looking back over the years I can see how this is so.

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