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Thursday Thirteen Vol. 5

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I wrote that I kind of like.

That’s quite a statement for a writer, by the way, for this one at least. I’ve kept a website for seven years now (Saturn square!) and a blog for almost two, and I’ve written a lot of stuff for MoonCircles and various things for magazines and what have you. But there is very little of it I’m actually happy with. These thirteen pieces are essays I quite like, though… at least for today.

1. Eclipses: You Were Asleep

2. Eclipses: Defending Your Life

3. General: The Astrological “I”

4. Aries/Spring: Life as a House

5. Aries/Spring: Old and in the Way

6. Cancer/Summer: Behind the Wheel

7. Cancer/Summer: True North

8. Virgo/Pisces: Letting Go of the Rope

9. Scorpio: The Ancestors

10. Scorpio: The Banquet

11. Mars: Indivisible

12. The Third House: Moving On

13. Faces of Mars

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