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Thursday Thirteen Vol. 23

thursday 13

This Saturday (2:00 am PST / 5:00 am EST), Mars and Pluto collide in their last conjunction before Pluto leaves Sagittarius. When irresistible force (Mars) meets the cold, dark collective heart of darkness (Pluto), the result is almost always the ultimate defeat of Mars’ shadow side of reckless, self-destructive temper and violence. But in the process, Mars often takes an awful lot of people down with him.

Let us attempt to learn from the mistakes of those who refuse to learn from their own. Whether you’re leader of the free world or just some poor sap who has to share the freeway with your fellow motorists, a little caution is in order over the next few days. Here are 13 things to Avoid as Mars and Pluto meet in one final, ideology-driven, Sagittarius deathmatch:

  1. Picking fights.
  2. Making bad situations worse.
  3. Involving others in your unresolved, personal psychological complexes and grudges.
  4. Gambling with the wellbeing of the many in order to further the interests of the few.
  5. Demanding sacrifices of others that you do not require of yourself.
  6. Ignoring the laws of man, nature, and the universe.
  7. Disregarding the voices of common sense.
  8. Assuming that a willingness to use violence and aggression makes one strong.
  9. Believing that might makes right.
  10. Imposing your ideology on others through the use of force.
  11. Defending the bad choices of others out of a misguided sense of loyalty.
  12. Repeating failed strategies and expecting a different outcome.
  13. Letting your violence turn you into the very thing you were fighting against.

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1 comment to " Thursday Thirteen Vol. 23 "

  • Great Advice! I had a polarity session this morning and feel better. And, tomorrow I am getting the spa thing on. So HOPEFULLY, I can align w. the universe and not fight and resist the UNIVERSE.

    I am a calm oasis in the midst of insanity…..LOL! I have seven kids (of which four are smelly teenage boys) here now and I kicked them all outside.

    I esp. love 12 & 13.