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So here it is.

I wrote a book.

I kind of didn’t want to talk much about it until the thing was finished and turned over the publisher, which as of this afternoon – the very day of my deadline – it is, and it has been.

It’s done. It’s gone. I’m glad.

It’s an astrology book, but I can’t tell you much else about it yet. Let’s wait and see if the publisher accepts it, then I’ll spill all. Here’s hoping that if they do, they give me a hard-to-please editor and a certain amount of time to massage the thing into a book I can be proud of. It’s not there yet; I ran out of time. It’s brutal to write your first book during a hard Saturn transit, during the holidays… let’s face it, anytime at all.

I needed more time, but of course I’m new at this and had no idea what to expect when I agreed to the deadline. I sort of suspect there might have been easier ways to go about it all; basically, I approached it as I would one of my essays – which is to hurl a bunch of words at a piece of paper, Jackson Pollok-style, then retrace my steps and pretty it up. Unfortunately, while the Jackson Pollok part was pretty straightforward, I kind of ran out of time before I was finished with the prettying-up.

But you know what? I wrote a book! And that contented, purring sound you hear in the background is my 9th house North Node, feeling pretty pleased with itself. I wrote a book, and for the rest of the evening I’m gonna sip champagne and bask in what I’m certain is the temporary glow of achievement and satisfaction.

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    I’m so incredibly pleased for you! And I can’t wait to see it. Saturn is a tough task master, but he gets us through. My book is set aside until I get my criminology text book in the next week or two. (Hmmm. Criminology. Pretty Joop, too!)

    What was the Saturn transit, though? Saturn conj. your natal Uranus? I was looking at your chart and scratching my head. I think Joop in your 1st house is really going to continue to bring a lot of cheer. You know…when Joop exactly opposes your 7th house Moon, it’ll be exactly trine my Moon/Saturn conj. We should exchange Moon/Joop notes.

  • Nancy

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am proud of you! I bet it is much better than you think.

    Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • Awesome, April! I will be the first one to buy it. You are one of my favorite astrology writers. I do not even know where I would be were it not for your ‘Astrological “I”‘ article in The Mountain Astrologer.

  • This is great news April! Enjoy savouring the champers and the feeling of accomplishment, you deserve it. Congratulations 🙂

  • (Incidentally, I am amused that the code I am supposed to type in for this post is my nickname. Moving on…)

    I can’t wait to hear more about your book!

  • Woo hoo! Buena suerte, chica!

  • Lynn

    Congratulations April! When it comes out I’ll post it on my site. If I ever stop blogging obsessively maybe I’ll write one too…

  • Muchas gracias, my astroblog cohorts! I haven’t let myself celebrate this too much with the other people in my life – not exactly sure why – but I was kind of excited to share it with all of you. Thank you so much for your congratulations and warm wishes; regardless of how this all ends up, it feels like a victory today!

    Maria, I think I still haven’t recovered from the Saturn/Sun transit that was flash-frozen in my Solar Return chart for this year! I started this process during the Saturn/Sun transit (in the 9th house, no less) and finished it with transiting Saturn conjunct Uranus – the ruler of the my 3rd house. Elegant, oui? Happy Jupiter trines to you.

    Jeffrey, I don’t think I’ve ever had a nicer compliment. Thanks, buddy.
    Good news for both of us this week, eh?

    Lynn, if you stop blogging obsessively we’ll all have to stop reading your blog obsessively – and then where will we be? Gads, we’ll have to update our own blogs instead! 😉 I have no doubt at all we’ll see a book from you sooner than later, Lynn. I’m saving a place for it on my bookshelf.

    Nancy and Jennifer, I hope you won’t be disappointed by the details!

    :: lifting a virtual glass of champagne to Barbara ::
    :: and a Mexican chocolate icebox cookie to Leslee ::

  • francesca

    Dear April,

    congratulations on your book! I’ll be glad to order it, when it gets published. I keep visiting your blog from far away Milan, Italy.


  • Terri

    April —

    WOW!!! You finished a book! Wow! How absolutely utterly fantabulous! We need to celebrate — I’m awed and impressed (and jealous — and inspired!) Blessings on your new venture and eager to hear all about it. I’m certain your publisher will be honored to add a fine wordsmith like you to their collection of stellar communicators. You are the finest example of Moon in Gemini that I know. Shine on, Lioness!

    – terri

  • Hearty congrats! What a tremendous accomplishment!!

  • Aw, thanks, Terri and Elsa! I’ll go away and blush quiety in a corner now. 🙂

  • Michele Lessirard

    I am so proud of you!!! You did it, birthed it, all that 12 house stuff into the light. I too will be the first to order it. Congrats I am sipping a glass of wine and breaking out the chocolates- Dove Dark to celebrate.