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Thinking. And blogging. At the same time.

Lynn very kindly tapped me for the “Thinking Bloggers Meme.”

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Following Lynn’s tactful example, I’ll leave my fellow astrobloggers out of this, aside from tapping them to continue the memeish goodness. Let’s see… I don’t know how many of my favorite blogs make me think – and that’s through no fault of their own, because they’re all very smart, thought-provoking people; but I have to think too much when I write, and so most of my online reading is for strictly recreational purposes. Some have undoubtedly made me a little smarter, though, while I was too busy laughing or seething to notice. For instance,

Daily Kos makes me think. But mostly it makes me think things like, “How soon can I move to New Zealand?” and “Why does every single diary thread deteriorate into complete lunacy within the first four comments?” Sigh. On the other hand, DK and a bag of Doritos were my only solace in the days leading up to and following the Nov. 2004 election.

Susan Madrak, the Suburban Guerilla, is the cranky and disgruntled sister of my heart. Plus she’s always embedding YouTube videos of my favorite old singer-songwriters performing songs I’d long forgotten. Susie makes me think stuff like, “Why isn’t Susie the Speaker of the flippin’ House?” and “Man, I used to really love Emmylous Harris, but now her voice just irritates the crap out of me.” I also enjoy reading the comments section when she posts about astrology; it really pisses off her readers!

I’ve read Rob’s online writing since 1999 or so, so I’ve been one of the legions who have followed the entire journey of Schuyler’s birth and the diagnosis of her monster and his diabetes and the plague of locusts that always seems poised to envelop the Rummel-Hudson household. And like so many people, I love Rob; he’s a sassy writer and a first class smart alec. But I don’t always agree with him – there have been times I’ve given up on his blog for months at a time because he pissed me off so entirely with something he wrote. Kinda like your best friends, all of whom eventually make you think, “Why is it I like you, exactly?” Then they make you laugh, and you remember why.

The Chattering Mind blog at Beliefnet has exactly the right tone for a blog, in my opinion, and Amy Cunningham always pulls in interesting, newsy little tidbits from her online travels and in an unfailingly kind and even-handed style – kinda like Lynn, actually. And like Lynn, Amy’s prolific posting schedule leaves me thinking, “When does she get anything else done?” Followed by feelings of woeful inadequacy and an ever-accelerating shame spiral. But, you know, in a good way.

Quinn, at The QC Report, is a former child star who’s grown into an utterly delightful grownup and who inspires questions such as, “Why is Quinn so normal? Is it because she never guest starred on ‘Different Strokes’?” and “Why is Quinn the funniest writer alive and not me?” and occasionally – after, say, watching Richard Dreyfuss make an ass of himself on the Bill Maher show or something – “Why didn’t Dreyfuss’ acquaintance with Quinn leave him a much funnier, less insufferably self-important blowhard?” But probably no force on earth is that powerful.

Go forth and meme:

Matthew (I’ll get to you on that other meme thing, dude)

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