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Swimming with the fishes

In honor of tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces (1:10 am PST), I’ve published a new article, Divine Vulnerability, over at my website. Here’s the New Moon chart (calculated for San Diego, using Koch houses):

It’s a kicker of a New Moon chart, with the Sun, Moon, and Venus all square Pluto. Here in San Diego, Pluto falls smack on the ascendant and all that Pisces stuff (including Uranus) is in the third house. Guess that explains why it’s feeling a bit Mercury retrograde-ish around here already (Mercury doesn’t actually station until the 19th), and with a nasty twist to it, too. Mercury in his Trickster guise can usually get a rueful chuckle out of us even while he’s eating our email messages and giving bad directions to out-of-town guests, but this time, the beasts are snarling and nipping at each others’ heels, and misunderstandings and delays are causing tension rather than mirth.

Fortunately, Saturn is a saving grace in this chart, providing able support and spine to the Pisces planets, and hopefully restraining impetuous Mercury in Aries (square Mars) from doing anything too rash. Presumably when Mercury turns retrograde, Aries will be unable to locate his ammo. Still, drive safely out there, campers.