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Summer at Big Sky Astrology

I’ve posted some of my old summer essays at my website, Big Sky Astrology, just to get you in that day-after-the-solstice spirit:

Slowing Down, Turning Around (2005) – “Just as the sun at the summer solstice appears to stand still in its movement across the horizon, then turn around and move the other way, that is our job at midyear: to stand still for a moment, look around, and take stock of where we are….”

Behind the Wheel (2004) – “Unlike when I was a small girl, I don’t feel so safe out on the open highway, and I find reasons to stay put – work, cats, money. The truth is, everybody keeps leaving, and the more they leave, the more desperately I want to stay rooted in place….”

Tectonics (2001) – “As much as we seek security, our souls know we need movement in order to keep growing. Even the earth — our home — is not a given, not a solid platform we stand on. Like life, it’s a relatively thin and fragile thing, broken into big pieces that bang together, drift apart, and graze each other in passing– full of movement and change, designed to put us exactly where we need to be and to keep us wondering where, precisely, that is….”

True North (2000) – “Yesterday, as my aunt’s daughter, my sister, and I rushed around, providing food and comfort – a little clumsily, like children playing dress up – while waves of grieving men and children washed up against us, I thought, Good god, now we’re all that’s left. Our mothers left us their compass, hidden deep in our fourth houses like buried treasure; but we’ll have to learn to read it ourselves if we’re to bring this ship safely into harbor….”

Happy summer, y’all.