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Scorpio Stampede

stampedeThat soft, whimpering sound you hear is me, huddled under the covers, waiting for the stampede of planets in Scorpio to get the hell out of my 12th house and leave me in peace. Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon have led the charge, and the Sun, Venus, and Mars are perched just outside of town, in the 11th house, waiting for their moment to pounce.

I feel tired and cross, as I often do when planets transit my 12th house. I’ve got Neptune there, natally, and I like peace and quiet in my inner sanctuary. There’s a part of me that needs lots and lots of quiet and personal space, and when planets are transiting my 12th I feel the lack of peace and quiet very keenly.

I don’t go to church, but if I did, I think I’d prefer a Quaker meeting, in which no one says a dang thing, to a fiery revival. In fact, growing up, Mom and Dad – who were not religious – took to sending us down the road to the hell fire and brimstone Nazarene country church, mainly to appease my grandmother, who was quite religious. I distinctly remember one day at the age of about six, sitting there in church with the one-armed preacher screeching from the pulpit, when my 9th house Uranus reared up in revolt, ably supported by Neptune in strong-willed Scorpio in the 12th house. I thought, “This is really too much,” and stood up and walked out. I toddled down the road, and when I got home I announced that I was never going back. Mom sort of smiled and shrugged. “Okay.”

Our twelfth houses are houses of worship where we shelter and nurture our rich, inner lives – spirituality, the mysterious creative process, dreams. Mine is painted the colors of Scorpio – rich reds and poison greens – and has a crazy old lady who sleeps in one of the pews and growls at anyone who gets too close. She’s tolerated Mercury, because she knows he won’t be there long, and Jupiter, because he’s kind of good-natured. But several weeks of these jokers AND Sun, Venus, and Mars?

Heaven help me.

4 comments to " Scorpio Stampede "

  • L.

    Aah, me too! It’s comforting to hear that someone else in the world is made uncomfortable by a Scorpio 12th house and planets crossing there. I swear, I’ve been researching how to make this easier for a long time and still haven’t come up with much of anything helpful. I’m up in the middle of the night right now, in fact, having grown tired of all the weirdly sinister-tinged dreams I had been having for hours. Thanks for posting, I feel a little better now…:-)

  • Michele

    Ah, me three… 12th house transits seem center around issues of “sh@#$ or get off the pot.” Can you tell potty issues were a big thing in my family, this seems to be up the last 24 hours.. All I wanted as a child was peace and quiet, when I got angry [good girls don’t get angry] my Dad’s favorite comeback “don’t get your bowels in an uproar!”. Such a thing to say to a Scorpio rising… I am going to put the do not disturb sign on the door with a lot less guilt now. Thanks!

  • Nancy

    WOW! I love this. Very powerful. Sending you positive vibes to get thru this time!

    I have it goin’ on in my 6th house. I have Neptune and the Moon there, natally. I am so diggin’ this Scorpio stuff. And, honestly with what is going on in my life. I think I need it. I just have to control myself so I don’t do SOMETHING to my SIL!

    Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot.

  • KT

    Hell, I wondered what was going on! I never thought to check my natal transits. I just thought I was going off my head, and then I noticed that solar arc Pluto was conjuncting my progressed Sun and put it down to that…. Things are much better now, hope they are for you all too. Double Scorp here with Uranus in 12th. Never got to grips with 12th house – my mother has sun, venus & uranus in 12th, plus mercury con asc. from 12th too, and one sister has sun & mercury in 12th…..and both are pretty much the opposite of every 12th house description I’ve ever read. I’ve met other people, who, when I do their chart I find they have a 12th house sun, yet they are about as shy and retiring etc. etc. as a bull in a china shop. ? As for being ‘spiritual’……?

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