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Saturn in Leo really IS bad news for leaders.

In light of articles such as Ed Tamplin’s, which suggests that Saturn’s recent entry into Leo spells difficult times ahead for “kings and kingdoms” (are you listening, George?), I found this story from Salon very amusing (note: to read full article you’ll need to be a Salon subscriber or sign up for an advertiser-supported free pass):

A sewer might be no place for an emperor, but it is precisely from an ancient drainage system that archaeologists have dug-up a large marble sculpture of Constantine, one of Rome’s greatest leaders.

Archaeologists found the 24-inch-tall head last week while clearing up a sewer in the Roman Forum, the center of public life in the ancient city, said Eugenio La Rocca, superintendent for Rome’s monuments.

“We can’t be sure of why it was put there,” La Rocca said Thursday at a news conference during which authorities showed the bust to the media.

One possibility is that the sculpture of the man who reunited the Roman Empire in the early fourth century and ended years of persecutions against Christians was unceremoniously used later to clear a blocked sewer, he said.

Hee – Constantine: the original Rome-o Rooter!