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Most Popular Wedding Date Ever

Apparently brides and grooms will be hurling themselves down the aisle in record numbers on July 7, 2007, under the assumption that (1) 7 is a lucky number; and so (2) a wedding date of 7/7/07 just has to be triple tremendously lucky. One wonders, of course, whether this “luck” would be embraced and celebrated in such numbers if 7/7/07 didn’t happen to fall on a Saturday. Somehow, I doubt it.

Astrologers, of course, use different measurements to evaluate the good vibes of a particular date. Here’s the chart for 7/7/07, cast for (what else) 7:07 p.m. in San Diego:

Bearing in mind that in electional astrology we consider the starting point of the marriage to be the moment that vows are exchanged, let’s assume this is the moment when our deliriously happy couple blurts the fateful words, “I do!”

I wouldn’t have recommended this as a wedding date for a couple of reasons. The first, of course, is that Mercury is retrograde. Weddings are enough of a logistical nightmare without dragging along retrograde Mercury in his most mischievious trickster mode; and from what I’ve seen, marrying while Mercury is retrograde really does carry his impish, upside down, car key-hiding, email gobbling energy into the union like toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. In short: while Mercury retrograde is not the kiss of death for a wedding chart (that would be Venus retrograde), I avoid it as much as possible.

Second, this chart lacks an approaching harmonious angle between the Sun and Moon – in my experience, the single most important factor in a wedding chart (other than making sure Venus isn’t retrograde). This chart is just ten hours or so after a quarter moon, in fact, when the Moon and Sun formed a contentious square. And even though the aspect is past, let’s face it… the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Cancer go together like chalk and cheese.

That said, there are things to like about this chart. Aries isn’t the best sign for the Moon in a wedding chart (too much “me” energy), but here it harmonizes beautifully with Venus, Saturn, and Neptune, ending on a good aspect to Pluto. At 7:07 pm the Sun is in the 7th house (there’s that 7 again!), the traditional house of marriage, and the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses (Moon and Saturn) – representing the wedding couple’s rapport with one another – are in easy trine aspect. Nice.

All in all, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it looks like the best wedding date ever. But I’ve seen worse charts end in happy marriages, so let’s send a shout-out to all those lucky couples who will be rolling the marital dice that day.

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  • Hi I have noticed that as well (all famous people whant to get married that date which is not so good…)
    I have already checked good long lasting weddings with the square moon sun but you are true about mercury and venus retro: pretty bad!!
    very good article!

  • Including the Node there are six entities retrograde in this chart. This is interesting. Of course I never contemplated what day we should marry. Only in looking at now, can I see why we felt better about a May wedding and not a Sept one.

    Hope you are well and just busy w. LIFE!

  • Matthew Currie

    Oh god oh god oh god, I’m so very sorry… but you’ve been tagged. I’ve only done this to you because I love your blog. Sorry.

    Read the comments on that entry…

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