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Mars Rx: Slow and steady. But mostly slow.

Nothing, but nothing, is flowing easily around here these days, and I blame Mars retrograde (December 20, 2009 – March 10, 2010). Everything – I mean, the most trivial, pedestrian daily tasks; let alone work, which is just killing me – is taking at least twice as long as it should. And headaches! Are you having more headaches than usual? Because I am. Mars rules the head, so I assume the headaches are a result of  repeatedly banging my cabeza against the wall in Mars Rx frustration.

For those playing along at home, here’s how to mix your very own Mars Rx Frustration Cocktail:

  • Fill a jigger with some really irritating Essence of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Shake vigorously until it’s about ten times more frustrating.
  • Voila! – pour yourself a generous tumbler of Mars retrograde in a fixed sign (currently Leo).

As Erin Sullivan points out in her excellent book Retrograde Planets, Mars retrogrades so seldom – only every two and a half years – that its retrogrades take us by surprise. We don’t develop the same practical or spiritual reflexes we have for dealing with, say, Mercury’s retrograde periods, which occur approximately every fifteen minutes. (Okay, more like three times a year, but gah, it does feel like every fifteen minutes, doesn’t it?) So we tend to get caught in a psychosis-inducing loop of work – work – frustration – head banging -throw something  – work some more, until we finally hit a brick wall and end up on the sofa in a fetal position, whimpering softly.

All retrograde cycles are good for something, though. And Mars’ retrograde periods are perfect moments to ferret out the myriad conflicts and resentments that we’ve been shoving under the rug for the past couple of years.

The tension’s been building for weeks, and next week provides the tipping point. The chart for the January 29 Full Moon features the Moon conjunct, and the Sun opposed retrograde Mars – of which Sullivan writes:

The opposition externalizes interior energy which has been gestating and cooking in the unconscious. The Sun-Mars opposition is particularly dramatic and highlights the two houses in which one has been experiencing a build-up of energy, whether hostile or constructive. The conflagration is particularly spectacular if the Sun-Mars opposition is aspecting a natal planet or within orb of the angles.

Retrograde Mars is currently smack on my natal Sun, so I’m already feeling a bit like Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza, kicking off his self-made Festivus holiday with the traditional “airing of grievances”: “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people!” (at 2:48 in the clip below)

Feeling a little frustrated?
Pour yourself a Mars Rx
Frustration Cocktail
and air your grievances!

7 comments to " Mars Rx: Slow and steady. But mostly slow. "

  • I feel your pain April! I have been writing about this wicked retro Mars as well. I am anticipating enormous fun at the opposition which will conjunct my Ascendant and oppose my Moon in the 7th – duck ladies, for God’s sake duck! 🙂

  • I feel very frustrated- everything I do results in a “do-over.” Mars rules my Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and it’s retrograding through my 12th house.

  • April,

    Mars is opposite my tenth house Sun, and every frakking complaint or grievance anyone ever had about me is coming at me again. And there just is getting no traction in the romance department. Headaches! Migraine, tension, stange visual disturbances! Ack! Ack! Ack!

  • Beth, I love anyone who says “ack”, so you’ll get no Mars guff from me! Sorry about everything else sucking, though. Think of it as lancing the existential boil. (Ewww.)

    Michelle, that is exactly what’s busting my chops, the do-overs. I’m trying to be philosophical about it all, but I’m all Zen-Zen-Zen-MELTDOWN!

    Lua, there should be laws against Mars/Moon aspects. 🙁

  • headaches galore…now I know why thanks for the heads up and looking forward to learning from you…

  • Ah yes, headaches. Major painful tension headaches here lately. Mars stationed retro 1-2 degrees past my Moon/Ascendant opposite Chiron. Now that it’s backed off into my 12th (passing natal Uranus, thank you, just to disrupt sleep, also not so good for headache) it’s starting to ease up. At least Jup moving in Pisces is making lots of nice aspects.

    Oddly, Mars station Rx on my Moon set off stuff with my condo, which I’ve been renting out after moving closer to my job. Tenants are leaving – now rent again or maybe sell is the question. Seems like an odd manifestation of Mars-Moon, but I suppose Moon is home, even if no longer lived in? My Moon is also ruled by my Virgo Sun in the 2nd house. Saturn Rx is finishing up a 2nd house transit.

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