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Mars in Aquarius: Working with friends

ariesaqufizz2I’m on record as stating that in my next life, I plan to requisition a chart with plenty of Aquarius planets. I admire the sign’s cheerful impersonality. The years when transiting Uranus in Aquarius opposed my natal Sun, and when my progressed Moon was moving through Aquarius, were some of the happiest I can remember. I just didn’t get bent out of shape about things, and I felt more sociable, probably I wasn’t afraid of getting my feelings hurt by people.

I guess that’s the reason Aquarius is considered the sign of friendship – it’s not afraid of other people because it isn’t easily hurt by them.

Mars entered the sign of brotherly love on December 25, 2012 and will be there through February 1, 2013.  Aquarius’ modern ruling planet, Uranus, continues its slow journey through Aries (through May 2018!).  Aries’ “pop” combined with the “fizz” of Aquarius should be enough to revive the most careworn and depleted among us, a sort of bromo fizzy for the soul. The entrepreneurial snap of Aries and the networking brilliance of Aquarius have the potential to propel creative or business projects to exhilarating heights.

On Facebook, a colleague posted an item about an innovative “work together” concept called Jelly.  Groups of free-lancers, artists, designers, and other work-at-home people who find they miss the camaraderie and creative spark of the workplace (if not the endless baby showers and birthday cakes) gather in homes, coffee houses, or other places to work together and share ideas.  Since Mars is the planet of work, and Aquarius symbolizes group activities, this seems like the kind of idea whose time has come.

What if, like me, you’re not at your best in groups? Try getting together with a friend occasionally for a brainstorming session. I tried this with my friend Jeannel, a professional graphic recorder; I made the coffee, she brought the scones, and we spent a few hours chatting about ideas for our respective businesses. As much as I rely on my astrology friends, getting input from someone outside my profession really helped jump start both my creative process and my enthusiasm for new projects.

Think of it this way: One way an astrologer might interpret Mars in Aquarius is, “Fighting among friends.” Doesn’t the alternative of “working among friends” sound a lot better? (Mars symbolizes sex, too, but let’s not go there.)

Are you feeling the “fizz” of Mars in Aquarius in your workplace or business?

10 comments to " Mars in Aquarius: Working with friends "

  • Love it! I can’t do this all the time either, but at some points it’s really good to be around other people. The nice thing about co-working is that you get the “people vibe” while still getting your own work done. Like coffee shop-meets-Cheers.

    • Shannon, I definitely felt that way when I was writing my book. There were days I felt so isolated and just plain bored that I had to go sit and write in a cafe for awhile; not to interact with anyone, but just to enjoy being around living creatures other than my cats!

  • Ellen Nicholas

    This Aquarius loves the working with friends idea! Reminds me of Barbara Sher’s “idea groups”. As for wishing for Aquarius planets, I’d be careful. Because you really don’t know what it feels like – you only know that you like having these Aquarian influences added to your own fiery planets! I myself wish for more Fire planets…and if you have the “wrong” rising sign, like me – in Cancer, you’re not detached from hurt feelings at ALL. But I do feel detached from people when I don’t WANT to, sometimes. It’s true.

    • Good point, Ellen, about the Aquarius + fire signs experience (though my Moon is in Gemini and I really enjoyed the pr. Moon there). I think that influence just helps me get out of my Moon/Pluto square a bit and not take everything so freakin’ personally; and perhaps takes the edge of Sun/Neptune’s shyness (I know, I know – no one believes a Leo can be shy!). 🙂

  • Blithie

    I have felt a shift at work since Mars moved to Aquarius and Jups to Aries. I’m working on a large project with dozens of others. We’ve moved from a group of ‘mes’ to several groups of ‘we’. I also notice tension between what I think I should be doing and what the group needs to have done.

    April, I like the idea of working with friends. I prefer working in a friendly environment so now sounds like a good time to focus on making a friendly work environment by being a friend to my coworkers.

    • Blithie, what an excellent way to look at it – “to focus on making a friendly work environment by being a friend to my coworkers.” I often forget the sometimes the sign brings something to the planet (Aquarius bringing friendliness to Mars) and not just the other way around (Mars bringing something to Aquarius)!

  • Actually, I confess that the first thing I think of with Mars in Aquarius is “no strings attached sex.” 😉

  • Rebecca Walker

    When I think of Mars in Aquarius I think of my Aquarius nephew. He’s a musician, going to school on scholarship at a University with a very prestigious music program. He’s really making a name for himself, but, while he’s very focused and hardworking, he’s making his name with his talent and his ability to network in a very friendly, laid-back “Aquarian hippie” way. My personal Moon is in Aquarius so I feel fairly comfortable at this time, and Uranus in Aries is giving my individual motivation a nudge–helpful for a person with NOT ONE planet in a cardinal sign on my natal chart. 😉

    • Aquarius is often associated with music, Rebecca… and the older I get, the more convinced I am that networking ability and friendliness are the greatest possible tools for success (and talent certainly doesn’t hurt). Enjoy Uranus in Aries’ “nudge”!

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